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Bryant shook his head and proceeded to tell them two something very, very important. "Don't kill him in here.... For all we know he has contaminated blood, plus.... Get this man the hell out of here."

Laura finally spoke a word or two. "Where... Am I?"
IC: i recognized the girl becoming conscious. "get..... the..... !@#$.... off me. i don't care about the pay. all i know is the girl i saved is waking up and i didn't risk my %^- for nothing"
Feeling a commotion on the floors above him and having a thirst for battle he jumps into a conveniently placed elevator, that miraculously works.
I walk over to the girl. "You are in the medbay. You're safe. Do you remember anything?"
Laura was thinking on that question, gripping her head as some pain came back to her. "I'm thinking as hard as I can. I can't focus on it."

Bryant stopped the questions. "I believe we should let her rest... There could've been possible heard trauma done to her," as Bryant felt around on her head and felt a bump, almost like a gash, and it was soft. "Hmm... She managed to hit her head pretty hard on some kind of object."
I shake my head. "You gonna realize that lashing out gets you no where, or are we going to be having this discussion again?"
i muffled "when i found her the room she was in was completely submerged, it could have been anything. just leave her be, i know what loss of memory feels like"
I nod and step back. "Sorry I was just curious I'll leave her in your capable hands Doc." I go stand by the door again.
"It's not that it isn't memory loss.... It just could've been possible head trauma or injury. That could be the reason why she can't focus in on any thoughts or memories." Bryant said back to Dante. "I believe I'll give her a dose of pain medicine and something to help her sleep... On the mean time I'll help anyone else and once she wakes up... I'll call you, Mister Torvus."

Laura was deep in thought, trying to focus on her memories... She just saw them as well. Why must it be so hard?
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"Well, lets get the hell out of here, now that we got some things. Anyone have a spare pack or anything?"

"Not really. Grab what you can."
I say heading for the door.
IC: "could i also be experiencing head trauma...." i thought out loud
Bryant once again shook his head. "No... You just suffer from ignorance at times from the way you have behaved so far today... And the terrible thing known as amnesia."
"how can you tell?" i ask
"You don't know any of your memories... But this young lass seems to know them... She just can't focus onto them. That is why I'm giving her a chance to rest."
"you said i was a mercenary. what was i doing on this ship?"
"You were contracted to make sure we didn't get attacked by the competition. Not sure why we crashed though." I look at Dante. "You going to stop lashing out?"
"ya ya." i try lifting my head but then it happened. i spasmed in pain, my head felt like it was going to implode. my vision began to blurr then i blacked out
I sigh and stand up, uncuffing him. "Doc, he's definitely hurt beyond amnesia. As for the girl, alright. Keep me posted on her condition too. She's only a grad student. Now sure why she signed on with us."

OOC: Anytime now Mark.
After administrating the does to Laura... She fell to sleep and Bryant had put Dante onto a table next to her. "Lovely... I'll do a scan on him soon... And if you can... give me full access to any past medical conditions these two have had. Sometimes there's a connection between the past and the present."
I don't think he's on. I'm also going to scarce for the rest of the day, gotta clean the house for a family get-together.

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