Out of the Frying Pan...

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"hey boss"

"if it ain't little jimmy how you been doing?"

"fine sir. this ship is huge"

"and so is our pay"

"so sir no offence but i've seen you eyeing that grad student"

"oh that Laura? she's a fine piece of work. parts of me just want to leap up and...."

who the hell is this man. a pathetic piece of !@#$ that somehow seemed familiar..... then i realized.... he was me
Blaze finds the commotion stops and sighs. He then continues on to where it was. As he reaches he finds a infirmary with the door closed, and locked down. He sighs again and knocks on the door, giving a clanging sound of metal hitting metal.
I unluck the door and open it, my assault rifle leveled. "Great, another stowaway. Look, I'm going to forget I saw you and just make sure things are running smoothly."
"I am sorry. I don't understand." Blaze replies, his teal eyes staring straight into the eyes of the guard.
Bryant began to work on the scanning procedure for Dante...


Laura was remembering the reason why she decided to sign u[ for the ship, while she slept.

The ship was a grand view, perfect in a way it seemed to be. The Korhal University of Archeology and Research was Laura's school of choice. It was close to home, free scholarships since she grew up as a poor child. It really had saved her life from the chaos in the district, and violence surrounding her past. Father leaving them shortly after Laura's welcoming into the universe. Her mother being caring for when she needed to. The life was hard, and rebellious. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing drugs and staying late past curfew. Later on as her behavior increased, her addiction increased.

Then that was when everything turned for the.....

The memory stopped there, Laura went to delve deeper.
I sigh. "Just do whatever it is you were going to do and I won't tell the Captain about you." I turn and approach Scott. "Life support officer Scott?"

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"I originally came up here to investigate the commotion. But it is gone and I am curious about what happened." Blaze responds. "And I don't believe I should fear the Captain."
"When he controls whether or not you get jettisoned out the air lock, or, right now, drowned, you should. And the commotion was a disagreement."
"What was the disagreement about? And again, I do not fear that. I can defend myself and evade capture."
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"Nothing that concerns a stowaway."

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i closed my eyes and when i opened them i was surrounded by blackness. only a figure stood in front of me....no..... it was me. "hello Dante how are you today?" it mocked. "who are you!" i snarled. "i am Jack. or... what you used to be" he intoned. "no.... you aren't me!" i screamed. "but i am dear Dante. because who knows you better than yourself?" he intones before fading away.
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you and me are still in the mess hall, and SF wandered off.
"Where did Blaze go? I was too busy trying to stuff things in my pockets to tell were he went..."
I shake my head;
"Hell if I know, that guy gave me the creeps.."
I say, peering out into the hall.
"He seems interesting. Like an unread book that I cannot open... Shall we go find him, or just get off this ship?"
"I'd rather stop by medical and see if we can grab anything of value."
I say, still watching the hall.

I take out "Kutter", my butterfly knife. I open it, then start flicking it around before I actually hold it, I get into my fighting position by instinct. I hold the blade downward, and high towards my head with a hand out in front of my as if its a claw.

"So I guess I'm not just insane, I'm insane and know how to fight... Interesting." I flip the blade around some more as I start walking, whistling another tune.

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