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I chuckle following close behind;
"I guess that makes two of us, then."
I stop as I see a fat rat run by. "I don't think I'll trust ships anymore after this experience..."

After the addiction had begun its way through my system like a parasite, that was when the behavior of young Laura turned violent. Like many addictions it makes you believe that you need the substance or object inside of you. She seemed to like the bad boys the most... Their hunger for adventure... And that would lead to her fall into pain and suffering for the next few months.

Laura's mother had been killed by Laura's boyfriend at the time... Another druggie like most of them were. The fighting began a month earlier after the mother disapproved of her daughters actions....

The memory had cut off there... Deeper and deeper she must go into her mind.

OOC: I'm loving these memory flashbacks.
"I wouldn't blame you, but they're kinda important.."

Keep'm coming, they're good.
I sigh, "I suppose so." We soon reach our destination. "Alright, let us see what fortune awaits us."
NOW i am releasing the zerg.
NOTICE: i will be using my free name change. listen to the man named gman.
01/19/2013 02:14 PMPosted by TheGman
NOW i am releasing the zerg.
Still don't think that's a good idea.... Maybe later when we have a general feeling on where we are at? I mean... What if the ship trailed off past the Koprulu sector? Anythings possible in that situation... Plus............ It may cause more problems from the natives.

And Markus just told me on DA that he doesn't like the whole Zerg idea.... He knows that it's all RPer driven... But that's a little excessive and could go horribly wrong.
Zerg would be literally unstoppable. Every character would die, period.

IC: "I apologize for my companion's actions. He has suffered injuries, though I have not yet been able to examine them," I say to the security officer. "We will be happy to carry out your orders immediately."
OOC: Yeah, and Gman, you aren't even the DM so why are you deciding to release Zerg?
I back :)

01/18/2013 04:31 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Also Markus you said you would restart Sepratist Space and I am excited!!!!! When are u gonna start!!

If I do, it will be nothing... NOTHING... NOTHING Like it was.

01/18/2013 09:24 PMPosted by TheGman
Well, he DID say player-driven

You have to take into account the rest of the "Players." If everyone wanted zerg to invade except for me, I would defer is what that term meant.

01/19/2013 11:58 AMPosted by Zarkun
I turn and approach Scott. "Life support officer Scott?"

"Yes, sir?" Scott asked. The 'sir' out of respect, not because he was necessarily higher rank then him.
Blaze rolls his eyes and pushes past the guard. "Can any of you tell me what the f*ck is going on?"
Scott gently pushes Blaze out of the way so that him and the guard can continue their conversation.
I look on with interest. Any of these people could easily be the Recruit... of course, I don't know that this is a Recruiting mission, but I can see no other purpose.
Anything I missed that I should be aware of? I skimmed what I missed but... Sometimes it's better someone tells me upfront.

IC: Laura continued delving deeper and deeper.

...of the commitment her daughter chose with this man... He was trash, he was scum, he was poison. What a life...


Laura couldn't remember the finer details... In fact... She didn't even want to remember that gruesome event, other than after it had happened a week had passed...

Laura was sent for help... Education and Therapy had saved her life from complete ruin. The University offering to take her in and to better educate herself to learn from the horrific mistakes she had made in her years of life. Laura had been 16 when it all happened...
After being cleaned up from evil parts in her life, she began her studies and even had a job as a janitor during that time to pay for anything that the University could not.

This young girl... Put under so much stress and the pure consequence that came out of everything and everyone. But let this all be a reminder... That this slump could very well happen again in the future... If not soon, or later.

After graduation she had signed up onto the ship. Wanting subtle adventure and to learn new experiences while expanding on the universal knowledge of her field.

The memory sequence was over, two sad eyes that grew strong over the years had finally opened again. The resting period had no lasted long on her.

Bryant was to busy working on Dante to notice such a change.
I go inside the med-bay. I find-
i bolted upright. sweat beaded down my forehead, my eyes filled with fear. as i regained my senses the first thing i saw was the girl i saved conscious and awake
Bryant jolted back as Dante suddenly jumped up. Checking his vital real quick. "That was awfully quick... Good thing our friend as not left as of yet. Now could you explain to me what happened? Or what you believed had happened?"

Laura kept her back against the table, but eyes were peering at the ceiling.
I approach the girl and bow slightly. "Greetings. My name is Dyvus. I am glad to see that you have awakened."
"Dyvus lay off her. it seems she experienced the same thing i did during the blackout. we both regained some of our memories."

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