Out of the Frying Pan...

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IC: I find some painkillers and bandages. I start rummaging around, and try to access some logs on one of the computers, see if I can find any info on what happened.
I give Dante a look of annoyance. "If I have offended the lady, I apologize. However, I was merely interested as to her recovery."

This mercenary is an irritating person, I think.
"well if you just went through what we went through i think peace would be a nice aspect. what? you think she was pretending to sleep cause she felt like it?
Bryant didn't want to argue really.... But...."I don't truly believe that's what happened.... In every retrospect.... It's different each time and different for each person." Turning to the girl known as Laura. "And how are you feeling?"

Laura didn't smile... But she responded to the both of them and not Dante because he didn't ask. "I'm fine.... I didn't lose anything of importance.... I was just remembering my hardships that kept me going strong." Looking at the tattooed man quite weakly. "You didn't offend me... Didn't see anything wrong with what he asked or said."
"sorry right took you as an amnesia patient as well. hey Bryant weird question but you got a piano anywhere?"
Bryant gave Dante a hard stare. "We don't have a piano.... This is a medbay... Not a recital. And I know for a fact that there isn't a piano on this ship and if there was.... It's destroyed now."
"oh really? well looks like i'm going to find one" i say before getting off the table. before i go out the door i turn to the girl "i'm sorry Laura"
Bryant grabbed his wrist before he could do anything else. "Dante... Wait a minute... You don't know what side effects that could've happened. And why are you saying sorry to the girl?"

Laura wasn't aware that Dante did anything to her? "I'm confused?"
"a wise man once told me don't ask questions you don't want the answer to..... not that i would remember" i said
"But it seems to me that you do know the answer since you said sorry? ... I'm just wondering, mostly because there could be a chance you did something to her. I'm not saying you are... But every bit of information would help greatly." Bryant continued to pursue for the answer.

Laura asked again. "What's going on here then? What's with the sorry?"
"i'll tell you on one condition"
Irritated that everyone was ignoring them Blaze yells, "WHAT THE F*CK HAS BEEN GOING ON? AND WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?" The bottom of his black cloak rising with a thin lining of teal around it, revealing a pitch black armor.

OOC: "Blaze is in the infirmary and pushed past Torvus."
Bryant noticed the man.... Yelling. "Calm down... We are trying to resolve something here and we need to figure out what's going on now. And nothing much happened at all besides me and my patients along with earlier tensions from mixed emotions." Pointing at Dante. "What is it?"

Laura didn't know what to do? Did Dante do something to her?
"Laura accompanies me to find a piano"
This is so going to cap out soon.

IC: Bryant didn't know what to say... That was different? "Why do you need her to accompany you? She has to stay here until Torvus comes back... She might not be fit to go still."
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"Yes, sir?" Scott asked. The 'sir' out of respect, not because he was necessarily higher rank then him.

"You and I have to go into the lower levels. What's their condition?"
"its that or i don't tell. besides i don't want all of you here when i say it...... just come Laura. if i must i'll carry you. i've done it a million times anyways"
My revolver hammer clicks. "You're recovered, you can go to the bridge. Lay one hand on her, and you'll be short a member or two."
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My bad, feel free to do that if I take too long.

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see if I can find any info on what happened.

You recover information regarding a security breach and lock down level 3/4 All three med-bays and Infirmaries were assigned to prepare for high injured rates. More information is available for higher clearance officers.

Zarkun, post #480 was at you.
Bryant sighed. "Thank you Torvus... And I can't just let her go... It's protocol."

"Why me.... Why me and only me?" Laura asked.

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