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the man seemed to be in shock. that's when i noticed a slight bulge in the water. a hand... a moving hand. i looked back to the man but still he was just in shock. the sign of movement was a long way down. there was no time. this person may have memory, a life they know about, maybe kids. right now they are worth more than me by a hundred percent. taking a deep breath i dived in.

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Scott was just about ready to defend himself. Adrenaline slowly began coursing through his veins. The man began to look intently on the water behind him. Scott was too afraid to take his eyes off of him to glance at the water, so he didn't. Scott had almost reached the room when the man took off and dove into the water.

Scott reacted within miliseconds and without even thinking about it, dove into the storage room. Realizing what had just happened he scrambled to his feet and ran over to the doorway where he peaked his head around the corner and looked intently on the shimmering water.

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My eyes open suddenly, casting a very dim blue light into the darkness around me.

A crash. As expected.

I look around. It is difficult to make anything out in this blackness. I will need to find a way out of here. I put my hand to my chest, feeling for the object that should be hidden within my clothing.


I shrug it off, which would surprise someone who knew how valuable the object was. Assuming they somehow didn't also know it would turn up soon. They weren't exactly loseable.

I begin feeling around the room, trying to locate an exit. Suddenly, the wall under my hand glows.

A working button?

Power seems down, at least in this part of the ship... apparently the door has a backup. A wise addition. I press it, and the door slides open with a groan.
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IC: i swam. adrenaline coursing i reached the door. i tried to pry it open but it seemed to be jammed. bracing myself against a handhold i began to kick at it. it started to buckle as it opened halfway. grabbing the person's hand i pulled her out and began to swim for land, holding her in tow
She was on the verge of passing out from the lack of oxygen in her system. Vision began to appear to be blurry and fuzzy. The hand was slowly ceasing to stop as the darkness was about to swallow this girl's mind. (Unconscious.) She then felt a tug on herself as she was swept away... by a man.
she seemed to be unconscious. i swam faster. my head popped out of the water as i hefted the woman on my back. i slowly walked up until my entire body and her's were out of the water. gently i put her body on the floor. i looked at the man hiding in the storage room. "you better find a medkit in there" i growled at him
Scott didn't hear what he said. It didn't matter. As soon as he looked at him Scott had already set his next move in irreversible action. He bent over and grabbed a small box full of something and threw it at the man. While he was still disoriented, he ran at him and kicked him in the chest. He fell backwards and splashed in the pool. Scott's emotions and reasoning's conflicted with one another as he went back and forth whether to pursue his original intent to attack the man, or the new one, to help the girl.

Scott opted to help the girl. He only pulled her so far before the man who he had regrettably kicked into the water recovered.
This girl was Laura... A newly graduated student that wanted some adventure... She got it all right.

Her lips were slowly turning color, almost like a blue color... Lack of oxygen. Scott would have to do temporary first aid to immediately restore the precious oxygen within Laura's body... Question is? What will he do?
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IC: I continue driving around and eventually find a suitable place to set up camp.
I send off a flare to any of the other survivors who can see, and begin looking for firewood/flammable objects. eventually i find a large structure that looks like it was abandoned. (if you have ever played portal 2, then this building looked like the first chapter.Here is a pic: http://tinyurl.com/aer6gwa ) i went into the building, slowly walking around trying not to make too much noise. i made my way to the top, and found a crate full of armaments, including a pulse rifle. (this is my style!) i thought. i sent up another flare, and looked around the building for other items of interest.
IC: the moves seemed to come natural to me. i jumped back up. i ran past him. this move confused him but i grabbed his throat as i reached back with my hand. swinging my hand forward he crashed to the ground. with my armored fist i punched him the the stomach winding him. "hmm so that's what coming soon means" i say to myself before hefting the girl up and bringing her into the storage room.

OOC: my guy can easily beat you with his mercenary training. more because of muscle memory then anything else
OOC: Lol, Darkra, it isn't about who can beat who. It's about storytelling, and quite honestly I don't know if that was the best move. I don't mind getting my !@# kicked but I think that was unnecessary. That will probably just stir up distrust. Scott made a bad move and he knows it. Mercy is probably a better weapon in this case.
OOC: well if a guy ran at you and kicked you to the ground and began to try and drag off someone you tried to save what would you assume? right now my char is messed up in the head a bit so primitive instinct told him "fight back"

IC: i put my hand over her face. no breathing. grabbing a medkit off the wall i found what i was looking for. a CPR mask. i began giving breaths and doing compressions. " its funny i remember how to fight and do CPR but i can't seem to remember who i am" i thought to myself
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mercenary training

This is an oxymoron.

IC: I make my way along a hall. There is no doubt that this craft has crashed into some celestial body, most likely a planet or moon, but perhaps an asteroid. Unlikely, because the asteroid's gravity would not cause this much distortion. Obviously a strong gravitational force has caused the ship to disable its own grav generators... either that, or they have been destroyed. Either way, the body into which I have crashed is the one generating the gravity currently affecting me.

Interesting. Doubtless my assignment involves exiting the ship and exploring the planet. Of course, I would never be sent just to explore a planet, and if I was it would not be necessary to do so in the context of a ship crash. Meaning there must be others. Survivors. My objective must be to interact with them and record what course of action they take to survive this.

There is no way this could yield technological knowledge, and it is unlikely to yield important historical knowledge. Therefore this must be a Recruiting mission. I will keep my eyes open. Typically one person in the area is valuable. I must discover who this person is.
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This is an oxymoron.

I noticed that too, just let it go :)

OOC: *Shrug* Your choice, just remember it will affect the future ;)


Scott coughed violently and gasped for air. When he looked up he saw the man he assaulted treating the women he saved.

A ninja who saves people? Scott thought to himself with a frown. Picking himself up off the floor he crawled beside the man to the unconscious women. Wiping his bloody lip he glanced up at his attackers face.

"Is she okay?" He asked, rubbing his neck.

They shared a common interest. Help the women. Scott hoped both of them would come to their senses and not try to kill each other.

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I survey the surrounding lands.
(what do i see?)
Laura's eyes had slowly reopned, another cough came from her open lips. The sounds of it escaping. The color within the eyes seems glossy and dull... Clearly tired and stressed already from an event that had ensued. Laura had threw up some water and onto her clothes, gasping for more air.
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(what do i see?)

Thanks for asking! Swampland, marshes and forest, all mixed up into a hiddious wasteland. Here's a pic: http://www.colourbox.com/preview/2165408-644620-spooky-swamp.jpg


"I'll take it from here, rambo." Scott said, gently pushing the man away from the girl. He removed the oxygen mask and rested his hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" He asked endearingly, hoping to himself she didn't see their fight.
So, is the abandoned structure ok?
Meh... Yeah it's fine. As long as you imagine it more wooden and... abandoned. :P

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