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Mordin? "Perhaps you did not hear properly. My name is Dyvus. Your name is Scott. It is important to hold on to what memories you can when you have suffered brain damage, to avoid identity crisis."

I walk up to the girl and Look at her.

"She appears to have suffered no permanent damage, but requires warmth. We must move quickly to prevent hypothermia."
THG, calm down. Sorry to burst your bubble but we can't see the flare from inside the ship... lol. Zarkun can see it, however.


"Sorry, I have a bad habit of assigning nicknames. You know when people just don't fit their name? Like Rambo here for instance." Scott said, gesturing to Dante.

"You're a librarian? How come you look like a surgeon?" Scott asked 'Dyvus'
I reach one of the external hatches near the bridge. I inspect the mechanism that keeps it closed during flight and when needed opens it.

OOC: Vhat does he see? aka is the mechanism operable or damaged and he has to use the multi tool he found (Which happens to have a fusion cutter mode)
I pull out my pulse rifle and launch a special bullet (which is a fun feature of the gun, unlimited ammo) that creates a trail behind it, bouncing around and nearly impales me.
I'm going to have to remember that, i thought.
OOC: yes, i know that. just launching them for those who can see.
"My garb may slightly resemble that of a medical professional, but it is a coincidental resemblance. However..." I look around. "Now is not the time to waste time speaking. We need to get this person to a warm place."

Thanks for asking! It is pretty much A-Okay, except it seems to be locked shut and cannot be opened from that side without explosives.


"Hold on there, big cat." Scott said sarcastically with a hand to the chest. "I don't exactly trust you yet and your creepy behavior isn't helping."
I spot the flare and mentally mark the location it was launched from. Probably where that one guy was. {Hey techie, that hatch open yet?}
I speak into the radio
Can anyone hear me?
OOC: going to be afk for a while, just dont come near me
I find that the mechanism is fine but the door is locked and I likely wouldn't get it unlocked with out explosives. (the radio call from zarkun) {Not yet sir but I'm working on it. I could try to cut through them with my fusion cutter but I doubt I'll get through it without explosives. There should be a manual release lever on your side though that should open it.} I switch the multitool to fusion cutter mode and start trying to cut through the hatch.

OOC: does the Fusion Cutter do anything?
I speak into the radio
Can anyone hear me?

I speak into the radio, {Can anyone hear me?}


These wierd bracket things {} are used for radio communications, just so you know. =) You're doing fine, just wanted to tell you.

01/17/2013 03:15 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
OOC: does it work? Yes I could probably just say it works on my own but prefer to ask

tyvm for asking. No, it does not work. Internal systems have but the ship in lock down.

Think about it. If you're about to crash land on an unknown planet, it makes sense to lock all hatches to the outside world.
Mark, give the guy a chance. It's his first RP so quit being hard on him. I wasn't on you.
I raise an eyebrow. Shock treatment. "My 'creepy' behavior? I have been in great discomfort the entire time I have stood here because you seem on the verge of violence. I do not know who you are, I have suffered brain damage, and I am trapped within the wreckage of a craft I do not remember boarding. I have every bit as much reason to be suspicious of you as you of me, perhaps more. Also, you seem to be focused on finding an enemy, rather than seeking a way to escape this situation. You need to come to your senses and stop acting irrational. Your foolishness will not save this girl's life."
This isn't his first RP is it? He's been around awhile. I'm not being hard on him, I am trying to be constructive. You're right though, I guess I'm not being that helpful. Perhaps it's better he learn the way I did... Herp Derping around until you finally figure it out on your own.


Scott blinked a few times. He removed his hand from his chest and rubbed the back of his neck. Turning away he spoke softly.

"Your right..." He repeated that quickly several times. "Okay, lets get this girl to safety." Scott said, turning around. He still didn't trust Dyvus, but it wasn't about him. It was about the girl.
Markus you ninja edited me I am editing it now
He's been around awhile, but anything else he's tried to join has died or never gotten far, so this is his first RP.
This hasn't gotten far... Okay, sorry, I see your point.
"Excellent. It would not be wise to go outside, as the fact that the ship is partially flooded indicates that there is significant moisture present outside the ship. First thing's first: what knowledge do you have of the structure of this ship?"
I curse and look at the three hatches I could see immediately. {Which one are you at? It'll make it easier for me.}
Laura was starting to shiver from the coldness of the water... She was going into shock.


Bryant had finally gotten a hold of the communicator device... To his troubles though, it was damaged and the sounds that came from it was only static.

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