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Still OOC: "Take it up with Crymson. He is the one who told me."
OOC: "These guys are completely concealed... Also Markus, I am doing this, but I am upset about it."

IC: The crossbows fire off the arrows, most missing, but one or two hit the man. The warriors come out of the brush and charged at him with macuahuitl looking weapons, but instead of a obsidian a strange crimson metal, the same as the arrow heads.

OOC: "Choose where you're hit. And please, don't immediately kill half of them, you can fend them off, but still take injuries."

Edit: okay, i'm hit. but still on a building. I got hit in the . . . leg, knocking me over. i immediately fall over, clutching in pain. i reach for my pulse rifle and look over the rim of the building. i see the aliens coming towards the building, and my impulse ability triggers.
(what happens is your tribe instantly becomes hostile towards itself. you can roleplay that.)

Edited again.
Sigh ... I begin glaring at markus . "Curse you and your ninja ways. Oh and I edited my last IC."
Markus: My previous post.
or not . . .
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"Check the storage room I woke up in." Phil suggests, pointing to the doorway with many unidentified crates and boxes scattered and tattered across the room.

IS this aimed at me?

As a few of the warriors turn on the others and attempt to cut down their kin they are swiftly smashed on the top of the head by the flat sides of their macuahuitls. They find that they cannot enter the large structure and return to the jungle, dragging their brethren with them.
OOC: when did my guy wear a lab coat its a leather jacket XD

IC: i blink out of my revery. "sorry i just kinda glazed out. we need to get this girl somewhere warmer. like the outside for instance. this cold damp interior doesn't seem to help her hypothermia"

"Good idea. Check over there. I will..."

*dante speaks*

"I doubt the outside is more hospitable, considering that the water must have come from somewhere. I suspect we have crashed in either a lake or a swamp."
01/17/2013 04:08 PMPosted by KnarledOne

I don't know... BAHAHAHA! Oops! I mean't Scott, not Phil. Phil is in "The Outbreak: Revived" My bad :P

@Darkra: I wasn't talking to you -_- ... xD


"Outside? Are you kidding me? Who know's what's out there! Get me to the control room and I can activate the emergency pumps making this the safest place on the planet."
I ready the pulse rifle and get ready to fire one of the "bouncy balls" that incinerate most of the !@#$ they hit and bounce at a random angle.
Gah... that was a lot to read...

With a groan, I slowly come around;
"What the hell?..."
I mutter to myself as I take in the chaos around me; personal belongings and supplies strewn about, a pair of dead security guards;
...talk about a mess...
I think to myself and try to get up, a resounding failure. Looking "down", I spot the shock net locked around me;
...and that would explain why I'm still alive...
IC: "you really think a ship. half of it flooded mind you. has the capacity to function? besides its not gonna do us any good sitting here. i don't think any of these crates has rations in em. so we have two choices. scrounge for food in a cold damp dark ship or go outside and maybe find natural sources of food"
Laura threw up another volley of nasty lookin' vomit. Her condition was becoming worse and worse.


Bryant was making a makeshift splint for his leg.
"This ship has the potential to feed thousands for years! Assuming Hydroponics is still in tact." Scott argued.

"The outdoors could be crawling with monsters! You don't know where we are!" After a moment of thought, a terrible possibility stuck out in his mind.

EDIT: just saw the edits you made.
IC: i rip the arrow out of my leg, and feel a searing pain. They !@#$ing barbed the arrows! i tear off a sleeve of my shirt and make a bandage around my leg, and wait some time. i then remember that i had seen a first aid kid in the level of the structure right below me, and manage to crawl down to it. I apply a medical salve in the kit to my leg, and instantly feel the effects. i manage to crawl back up to the roof, and dig through my pack for the radio.
{anyone out there, i need help. i am on the structure, and i will be sending up a flare in 5 minutes.}
IC: "looks like food can wait" i say. looking inside the medpack i find 1 stimpack, gauze, and some fever pills. i take the pills and place them on the floor. i bring my metal fist slamming down on them. scooping up the powder i open her mouth and pour in the dust. taking some gauze i wipe off the vomit from her mouth.
"Waiting for food may not be necessary." I produce a jar of peanut butter that has burst lengthwise. "Here is the source of the smell."
IC: "well as much as peanut butter is delicious i don't know how long sleeping beauty is gonna last. those fever pills are only gonna be temporary and we don't have anything else. i still say we head out"

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