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Here is wehere we will preserve everyone's... stuff for the future.


1. Your first post.

2. Your first RP entry.

3. Your first post in the Bar.

02/13/2012 09:40 AMPosted by KnarledOne
Do you have a daily special or something? Anyways, I need something with 3x +(100%/5)(25) +9 bonus damage vs mathematicians. Got it?


Too late too join? This thread is doubleplusgood!

Name: Tlht'Rhn (no vowels!)

Race: Protoss Hermit

Unit Base: Preserver

Tlht'Rhn Searches for Knowledge. He is an associate of the Brotherhood of the Mind, an interdimesional faction that seeks to record piece of information in existence in their Library. Why? Dunno. But they allow me to reuse certain characters between worlds, so I lovem. Tlht'Rhn is not a Brother, just a Protoss hermit whose love of knowledge make him a perfect freelance Knowledge Hunter.

3: Have to dig for that one...
The first and second got deleted when Flupupple was banned. The third I'll have to find later.
New faction!!!!
The Predators.
From the ashes of the Nagima Ghosts, Myruko and her friend Korozain (dual pistol wielding frost casting badass) made the Predators. They are a faction of front line soldiers to deadly assassins as bad as the previous Nagima Ghosts. They also excell in machinery, robotics, and engineering so they rebuilt fast. They rebuilt on the previous home world of the Nagima Ghosts because it was destroyed by the Infebel. They regained control with only Korozain and Myruko. Now they have currently 4.5 planets(one is still being claimed and there is a war on it [yes they win]). Myruko eventually takes a liking to Korozain and they both get married where the first city of their home world was attacked. The Predators have made allies with the Kokir but not yet with Vorcha's Nokar. They do not fully trust him because some of his army attacked them on some occasions. Vorcha thinks it's because they thought the Predators tried to attack them but in the end he really doesn't care. Myruko plans to meet him and discuss that, but that will be later...

From when I was here cuz' vultureling (First post I think) First RP I made was the Outbreak(Reworked) and first story was Nokar:Rising

Currently working on The Darkness of Light
Title subject to change
1. Your first post.

Playing as terran, when is good timing to start getting armor and weapon upgrades?

That's from the Art of War- Upgrades thread.

2. Your first RP entry.

I run an inventory check and realize that I'm starting to run low on food and water. "Frak," I mutter to myself, "I'll have to go into the colony for more. Hope the ghosts don't frequent the market." I grab my rifle and cloak just in case I run into a ghost so I can take it out if neccesary.

That is from Horizon.

3. Your first post in the Bar.

I'm not sure that I should be here...but give me a Scotty Bolgers old no. 8. I need something to get my mind off the day.

Part six of the Bar. Man that took awhile to find.
I advise understanding how to hold a rush before attempting to execute one.
Posted By MarkusDaWise

Couldnt agree more.

I made several RP entry's that people ignored :\ It wasn't until Umoja's Plains where people actually started taking me semi-seriously.

Oh, sweet mother of... Don't even want to dig that up it was so horrendous. Grammar was horrible, I kept getting my kidney's ripped out... Everyone was either shooting me or blowing me into oblivion... I won't lie, I'm surprised I kept comin' back.
I made several RP entry's that people ignored :\ It wasn't until Umoja's Plains where people actually started taking me semi-seriously.

Oh, sweet mother of... Don't even want to dig that up it was so horrendous. Grammar was horrible, I kept getting my kidney's ripped out... Everyone was either shooting me or blowing me into oblivion... I won't lie, I'm surprised I kept comin' back.

Regardless, put them up or you defeat the purpose of the thread.
*pops out of the shadowy corners of the bar, and has a massive Nostalgia overload, toppling over.*

Well, I just had to post this here..

Gee, had to really root around for these. I've been lurking around for ages...

1 & 3. Your first post.

Back from when we forumers used to plot to steal Joeyray's jukebox... Before it got replaced by the damn Jukalisk... I've been lurking these parts longer than this, but my first real push to post was during the creation of this sub-forum, when it was first wrought and hammered out of the chaotic matter by the Gods of the Blue.

07/03/2011 11:02 PMPosted by morrjo
Hello there, mister infestor... This is a picture of Joey Ray...

2. Your first RP entry.

Back from when Cloaked Love was still around. How many threads did that place burn through, anyway? During the peak of Thundercrash and MockingJay's time... Good times. Good times indeed.

My first RP character was an early, (extremely) early prototype of Noct. He later made an appearance in Darkest Heart, after several major face-lifts and worldly experiences on my part. I still remember typing that sheet up, happy that I hacked my phone and gave myself data access. Hooked up and seated in the old family van, my laptop humming happily as I ate Jean Burger's poutine on the way to our cottage. Five hour drive into the Quebec boonies...

(Perhaps I should participate in my first RP... Dunno if my character fits, but what the hell.)

Name: Johnathan
Class: Wanderer
Affiliation: N/A
History: The lone survivor of the KL2 crisis, he has been wandering the Koprulu sector for ages, unable to find a true home. Not much is known about him, or his abilities. Only rumors abound about what occurred during the crisis, but nothing more.

And my first Participation, though sadly my last for a long, long time.

(Perhaps I should finally make an appearance...)

I yawn and stretch, slowly lifting myself out of the sleeping-pod I use in my ship. And I make that same dang mistake yet again! I accidentally clip my foot on the outer lip of the pod, and fall to the floor, smacking my forehead and muttering an "Ouch!" Miffed, I gather up my will, and use that alone to reshape the pod, a bonus of living in a reality bubble, that its structure is held together by mind and memory, and a gigantic protoss crystal that acts as both a gateway and a maintainer for the bubble. With a gentle moan of metal, it slowly but surely reshapes to how I wanted it, and removed that irritating lip. I stretch my arms a little more, before heading outside to the bridge of the "Void Prism", my odd hybrid of craft.

With a quick glance at the monitor, I note that my journey through null space, the particular spin most warp drives, null space offers both compressed travel, and compressed time, was complete, and my ship was awaiting orders to phase back into the real world. For instance, if I took three steps in null space and waited five seconds, I would have taken thirty in the real world, and almost instantly. Mind you, the energy and matter would chew away at me, but my ship's shields are more than capable of withstanding such an assault for eons.

I was planning on jumping out of null space near to a Terran-occupied planet, as I was going to pick up some of the chemicals they manufactured in order to grow the massive crystal in the core of my ship, and repair it after some cheeky protoss stalker decided to take potshots at it while my shields were under maintenance. He was quickly disposed of by zergling ambush. (I was not responsible. (I blame him for breaching some of my zerg pheromone containers)) I had to hunt mutalisks out of the nooks and crannies of my ship for weeks after that one!

Anyway, before phasing back into reality, I noted that there appeared to be several craft on the other side, appearing to stand off at one another. They could be firing, but the scanners on my ship were not designed to pick up bursts of energy consistent with ship-weaponry fire, but constant amounts similar to that of generators. Worse yet, my appearance could get them firing at one another. With me in the middle. Mind you, I could dispose of their tin-can boats with a few moments of concentrated fire, but I would prefer to remain incognito. I was here for repairs.

With a quick click and a bit of energy redistribution, I send most of my ship's power to the cloaking generators, leaving a bit for the shields, and slightly more for the engines, I command my ship to tear a hole through null space, and to emerge into reality once again.
01/17/2013 12:56 PMPosted by morrjo
Before it got replaced by the damn Jukalisk...
*Puts the Jukeling where he belongs and burns the Jukalisk with fire*

1st. Err.... Not-Enough-Data.

2nd. Cold Heart

Name: Subject Vereor part of PROJECT SHADE
Personality: Mostly calm but when under heavy amounts of adrenaline will become sadistic and might blackout and have memory loss about what happened in any event it happens. Has random episodes of rage.
Strength: He will protect his friends and will show them respect.
Weakness: Shy, not always willing to share his past, hard to trust new people.
Abilities: Zerg Chitin surrounding the legs and arms, the darker it gets the body starts to act like a chameleon, knows basic Martial Arts.

Back story: Vereor was a thief on the streets of Korhal stealing from stores to Dominion Armories. He had his biggest heist ever and he had a partner. They were to steal a prototype aircraft that was being developed by the Dominion, when they got there the Dominion was already there and Vereor's partner had stabbed him in the back and left Vereor there to be captured.
The Dominion had sent Vereor to a secret laboratory where he was to be tested on with a new Zerg strain. The strain had a major impact on Vereor, It made him partially blind, only allowing him to see within a few feet. The blindness forced him to rely on his hearing and smelling.
They later released him into a training hall to test his abilities. Vereor could make a light-weight but very durable Zerg Chitin on his legs and around his arms. When it started to get dark he would start to blend in almost like a chameleon and the darker it got the harder it was for them to see him.

3rd. When it was still, "Thundercrash Bar Dimension"

Wait so how does this work, do we just be our selves or as one of our characters that aren't dead.
You had a different avatar then, CR... it was one of the marines, I can't remember which.
01/17/2013 01:20 PMPosted by KnarledOne
You had a different avatar then, CR... it was one of the marines, I can't remember which.
Te he he he... I was actually Kate Lockwell until someone complained about it and then I switched to the Tiger Marine.
CR get yo !@# back to Out of the frying pan! XD did you see the triple ninja. we literally posted a couple seconds after each other
I love ze ninjas'! :3
But I wouldn't respond to your one post though that involved me? It just didn't make sense and Markus really did a hitter on you since my area of the ship is literally completely flooded since that's how he viewed it and it makes if it's starting to flood.
..... :/ . i dunno..... i guess we could come save you after? me gusta but i'll role with it
This is exactly what the discussion thread is for -_-

Darkra, CR is right.
Just listen and watch.
Me? I'm trying to be supportive :P
Er.... That was meant for Darkra.
Oh :S

That makes more sense... *Clears throat* Moving on.
01/17/2013 01:11 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
*Puts the Jukeling where he belongs and burns the Jukalisk with fire*

*Jukalisk puts on voice modifier so he sounds like Soundwave* "Jukalisk Superior, Jukeling inferior"

will fish out other !@#$ later

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