Two problems: UI Warnings + Screen Freezing

Bug Report
1) Yesterday I played a game where my opponent snuck some lings into my worker line. The worker line was totally killed by 4 lings... sigh. I did not get any user interface warnings, sounds, or anything about the attack. Even if I watch the replay, I can see there is nothing showing on the mini-map or anything at all. I can provide replays if you wish to see this bug.

2) In the middle of a game the screen would just freeze... I could move the mouse cursor but everything was frozen. The game sounds continued as if nothing was frozen. I was still trying to issue commands and type to my opponent and sure enough it all went through to the game as I could see from the replay. No there is nothing wrong with my computer. It's a brand new $3000 machine with no viruses or anything stupid on it. There are no temperature issues with the graphics card... the system is entirely water cooled. Drivers are updated/etc....I strongly believe this is another bug.

Sorry if I sound upset but I lost two ladder games because of this and I'm stuck wondering if the quality of the game is going downhill. Who wants to play a game if you are just going to lose because of in-game bugs.
I'm having the same issue as of late. I've lost probably 5 games in total because of this. You are not alone buddy!

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