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Well ive been playing for 2 months late october and iv tried protoss and i bombed it i lost 16 ina row so i decided why not terran i went 5 outa 5 matches but i allways loved protoss so i tried them again and again failed massivly so i tried zerg 4 outa 5.protoss still being my favorite race i took them up again and doing a little better but i know no other builds besides 2 gate zealot rush transithining into mass void rays if the rush fails and quiet obviusly i get called noob freguently so if anyones out there to coach me 1 on 1 free of charge of course because honestly who spends money to get coached on a game they have already purchused?so add me if your willing to take me up as a student or prodigy so to speak.
i recommend youtube. you can find builds, tips, and counters on force feed or husky's sc2 channel. protoss is good but they require a bit more skill to pull it off. watch a few videos and see if that helps.
I'd suggest :D He's great at helping new people.
There are a few threads on the protoss forums, w/ people offering free coaching. You may have to go a page or 2 through to find them though.

I personally do have one myself, if you are interested. There are other people though as well. Protoss forums are very helpful :-)
thanks guys really helped alot and yea ive been subbed to huskey for to long taught me hotkeys and control groups and alot of terran builds and thanks Erpman ill definitly check it out.Also is also equally as helpfull as husky.

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