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....... Terran?
My character code is 230. I am in gold. I will take help from any race because I play random. I hope to get some help. :DD
Only playing HotS
Name and Character Code: volcanix518
Primary Race: Brotoss :)
Secondary Race: Zerg
Role: Noob
League: Plastic/Wood (seriously 100th bronze left league out of shame)
Name and Character Code: AznRage 579
Primary Race: Protoss
Secondary Race: Don't have one, but terran if you must.
Role: Noob
Current League: Plat

Adopt me plx!
This was a really successful first day. Thanks to everyone that gave their time and all the volunteers :D
Name and Character Code:Lignar.835
Primary Race: T
Secondary Race: P
Role: Noob
Current League:Silver

Hung out at top of bronze for a few seasons, skipped last season. Honestly feel I'm better than Bronze in raw skill, but RL time crunch prevents me from playing enough to improve and actually advance. Placed into Silver this season. Been doing ok, but know I can get better, and want to.

FYI dude, it's impossible to adopt you in-game cause you have communication blocked from anyone not on friends list. Look me up, Snuck 719
I would love to find a mentor too in SEA region though !

Name and Character Code: Daoud.673
Primary Race: Zerg
Secondary Race: well nothing really
Role: Noob
Current League: Silver

I watch a lot of pro replays and i think i have decent understanding of the game, just missing motivation.
Would love to find a Master's level Mentor in 1v1, with whom we could play 2v2, where he could lead the games.
Name and Character Code: Hippyjet 742
Primary Race: Random
Secondary Race: Random
Role: Both
Current League: Diamond

Im a macro random and need more help with my
then the other match ups. Maybe I can help you learn too who knows.
Name and Character Code: BeardedTroll 290
Primary Race: Protoss
Secondary Race:Zerg
Role: Noob
Current League: High Plat

Need extreme help with pvz, pvt is pretty good and pvp is kind of a coin flip.
Is this gonna be on Skype or is it gonna be just ingame????
Name and Character Code: xSpherexMura.442
Primary race: zerg
Secondary race: terran or toss
Role: mentor
Current League: masters
i also hang out in the mura chat channel, so you can find me there as well!
Spyder 346
Primary: Protoss/zerg
Secondary: Terran/random
Role: Mentor
Current League: Master
Name and Character Code: Czernobogg#660
Primary Race: Zerg
Secondary Race: Random
Role: (Noob)
Current League: Bronze
Name and Character Code: spadge 838
Primary Race: Terran
Secondary Race: -
Role: Noob)
Current League: top 8 plat - vsing diamonds 80% of the time.
i could use some help on solidifying my start up how early should i bld my gateway for stalkers
DocSlowMo #930
Don't really have a 2nd race, would like to eventually learn zerg
Just got into silver, was bronze last season
This is one of the best ideas I am ever seen on this forum. Huge Kuddos!

Name and Character Code: Mcspanky 143
Primary Race: Protoss
Secondary Race: Zerg then Terran
Role: Both, trying to get to diamond and possibly masters as a final goal in the future, but I don't mind knowledge bombing those in need. :D
Current League: Platinum
Arlyne 658
Allimiira 241
Same person, different accounts.

Mainly a terran player, masters as random too. Just hit me up in game. Please have skype!

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