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Name and Character Code:BlueBalls #556
Primary Race:Terran
Secondary Race:
Role: Noob
Current League:Silver
Form: Heart of the Swarm beta
Name and Character Code: PickleButt #828
Primary Race: Zerg
Secondary Race: Random
Role: Mentor
Current League: WOL masters, HOTS experimenter

I'm on almost every day around 11-12 Central time. I'll visit the channel. I'm willing to skype while playing doubles, coach 1v1s, play 1v1s while streaming/commentary, etc.

EDIT: HOTS name, not WOL name
Name and Character Code: EPJackedup#295
Primary Race: Terran
Secondary Race: Protoss
Role: Noob
Current League:Platinum

Right now I am working on my CC first play. I would really like a little coaching with Hellion/Banshee play vs zerg.
Name: Qendal #979
Primary Race: Protoss
Secondary Race: Terran
Role: King of ze Noobs!
Current League: Bronze (HOTS and WOL) -->was silver in WOL beta

Need work on good drop play and harass with Terran. Every time I try and macro I get steamrolled. Am also working on improving macro and prying myself away from Borderlands 2 :D
I'm glad to see this thread is still going strong. If anyone has any success stories or lessons they've learned along the way, we'd love to hear them. :)
Name and Character Code: PrimalLegend #907
Primary Race: Protoss
Secondary Race: Zerg
Role: Newbie
Current League: Silver (WoL)
Name and Character Code: xSpherexMura.442
Primary race: zerg
Secondary race: toss or terran
Role: mentor
Current League: masters
for all those fellow mentors coaching noobs, eventually we should have a bunch of our noobs compete in a free-for-all XD
i could be down for that for sure ^^ haha
Name and Character Code:Mandratar 165
Primary Race:thats still a WIP for me though I do want to be best at terrain
Secondary Race:protoss
Role: (Mentor, Noob, Neither)Noob
Current League:bronze
Name and Character Code: Mugguffen #523
Primary Race: Terran (want to get better at Zerg though for HoTS :S)
Secondary Race: Zerg (OBV)
Role Noob (watches tournaments/proplay and commentary and knows basic builds and why to build them, only really needs help with macro and Micro)
Current League: unranked, previous league low bronze
name: bwTerran #451
Rank: Silver
Primary: Random/Toss
Secondary: Terran
Role: Noob, need prac. partner/coach

pm me or add me plz thanks.

Diamond or masters preferred, as i have beaten plat/gold multiple times, but have only beaten diamond once.
Name: VeX#193
Rank: Newly Silver. Like 2 days ago. ZING :D
Primary: Swarm Baby, Swarm!
Secondary: Protoss
Role: Noob, need tips for reacting to all sorts of stuff :P

Send me a PM or add me, i'll be glad to see someone willing to give me some info about that awesome game :D I'll accept your request with no doubt, except if your name looks like jfgbvemwd... I'll delete you as all the gold spammers...
Name: Raver#909
Primary: Terran
Secondary: Protoss/Zerg
Role: Noob
Rank: Gold
I have been mainly playing HoTS

Name: RangerONE#878
Primary: Terran
Secondary: Zerg - barely ever play Z though
Role: Got the basics down, want to get better
League: in HOTS I seem to get placed bronze but I am not a bronze player...I would say more like Gold/Platinum

I have been playing pretty casually and watching as a fan mainly, but I want to put some time into figuring it out a little more and seeing if I cant get up into masters
If I played sc2 more I'd definitely love some coaching on mechanics and pitfalls low leagues fall to
Sure after I set my retriever on roids I'll have a battle.

Name- AgCl #842
Primary Selection- Toss
Secondary- More Zerg than Terran (Because I forgot queue units more than injects)
Role- Finding people for testing. And see If I can defend most cheese (my weakness).
League: Gold meeting Plat in ladder everyday and beat half of em.

If you chat me and I did not respond it is probably because my ship is being jacked. Just be patient.

01/09/2013 10:49 PMPosted by RangerONE
League: in HOTS I seem to get placed bronze but I am not a bronze player...I would say more like Gold/Platinum

That is because of Koreans. And everyone is new to HOTS. I am very uncomfortable using the mothership core, considering I use the 2 base mothership build a lot (recall have to target nexus, feels like Warcraft III TP scroll with no short cut).

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