Zealot targetting workers?

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Been working zealot harass vs t and z but I seem to have problems A-moving zealots into mineral lines. For example vs zerg, I'll shift attack a few workers, but after the zealots are done killing them they'll run all the way around a hatch to try and hit a queen, rather than continuing to plunder the mineral line.

What's the best way to fix this? Hold position in the mineral line ?
You can't fix it. That's the point, hold position doesn't do much because you can only hit a few workers in a few certain spots. It's not like lings where they are free and you have a million of them and their DPS destroys a mineral line in 2 seconds even with hold position.
Hold position is still really good if their attention is being drawn elsewhere (like 1 marine in a bunker or something). Then you can kind of set it and go do something else.. almost all the time they'll at least pay for themselves.
Shift click workers individually.
This is a Game Mechanic that's been around since Starcraft I. All units have an Attack Priority, meaning units are given a value in battle. Units with the highest Attack Priority will be attacked first in combat.

All combat units have an Attack Priority of 20, and Workers have a Priority of 10 when they are mining. If your Zerg opponent has a Queen near his Drones, and you send your Zealot via A-move, the Zealot will target the Queen first because the Drones are mining while the Queen, being a Combat unit, has the higher priority.

To get past this, the Zealot must target-fire the Workers to ignore the Attack Priority mechanic.
You'll thank the target priority at some point.

(unless you're using colossus to attack into a base and the effing colossus decide to target fire the rax. haha)

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