Best graphics card for new rig?

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I have purchased everything but the graphics card so im looking to find out what your guys think would be the best option for me to go with? Currently only game im playing is StarCraft2 WoL, but i'd like the system to do well in future games as well. Not the most extreem build, but im hoping to be able to play on ultra again, but this time maybe even on my 42" plasma (1920x1080 i beleive it would be?) since i dont currently have a monitor yet. Price range im hoping to be around the 200-250 mark, but im not entirely sure what would be the best direction as this is only my second build. This will be my rig so far...

-Antec 1100 case
-Windows 7 home premium
-ASRock 970 EXTREME3 Motherboard
-AMD Bulldozer 8 core @ stock 3.6GHz with Corsair H70 cooler (will take a stab at overclocking if needed)
-4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MGz
-Corsair TX750 Power supply
-WD Caviar Blue 1TB HDD

Thoughts/opinions welcomed. Like i said, an ideal ranger would be in the 200 dollar range, but im interested in others as well. Thanks guys
Any card in the $200 range will play SC2 on extream, as will any card in the $100 - $150 range. And you should get 8GB of ram considering it's dirt cheep, 4 is not nearly enough.
I recently built a new pc using the gtx 660 from nvidia. So far I have been able to play any game I have on the highest settings without any problems.

Though I have heard its better to go with radeon cards if youre using an amd processor. I could be wrong on that though so dont take my word for it.
Is or will be your rig?
Cause the power supply is way overkill... could've spent that money on better graphics... and you get bulldozer.

BTW playing sc2 on a tv is not a good idea. I've tried it and I don't recommend it.

And it doesn't matter which card you get(radeon or nvidia) but make sure you're picking something recent.
Everything but the graphics card is on its way now or here already. I only have the 4gb stick of ram because i also built my father a computer and we just split the 8GB bundle for now. I heard you only need 4gb anyways for gaming. I know that the tv wont be as good because of larger pixels or whatever (i had read up a bit on this), but its temporary and kind of a trophy peice to be able to use it well. I will be watching movies and etc off of it anyways, just will act as my main monitor until i pick up a nice 23"ish monitor. I got the bulldozer because it was a package deal with the motherboard for 200 bucks for boxing week, so i figured i may as well :P The power supply i know is a bit overkill, but i wanted to make sure i was good for lights and other accessories, overclocking, the h70 cooler, possible dual video cards, etc. I didnt want to just get a cheap one :P

So are there any cards you guys would recommend from reviews or wish you had gotten? I know most will play the game, im looking for something that would be good on a huge tv as well and not get outdated by the next game to come out.
7850 Would be the best without going over budget.
Performance on tv would depend on resolution rather than size.

im looking for something that... ...not get outdated by the next game to come out.

Me too man... me too.
One big video card vs dual sli/crossfire? Say if i spent 200 dollars on one card or split that between 2 cards, what would net me the best performance? I havent looked much into dual cards yet, but how would that work when using only one monitor? Just stick to the one powerhouse?
Always one big video card
Ok, thanks for the help guys :)
There are somethings no one mentioned.

1. You will not get the Dual Channel benifit with just a single ram chip. Also if you add another 4gb stick the memory stick might be from a different batch and might not go well with what you already have in the system. So get another pair and take your out, use the pair and put the one that is in your system in your fathers. Games might not need more than four gigabytes, but if you run an antivuris with a few more things in the background you will feel a difference.

2. Having a SSD hard drive for games and OS system to load is a lot faster (kingston hyperx has fast read and write times).

3. Sticking with an AMD card is best with the setup to get the most out of the card. A 7850 would be more then enought for today and a year or two of gaming.

4. Overkill on a powersupply, I do not see that ever happening. The supplies lose 10% or more efficiency a year.
One more thing to note, if you're going to go the 8 GB way, setup your Windows 7 Home Premium to be 64-bit. Otherwise, your OS will only see the 4 GB.

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