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Hey I am just kinda starting again playing starcraft 2. I was a bronze player the majority of all seasons so I am trying to take it seriously. I go all in in 1v1 I made sure my opponents expo. then I attack. I have won most of my matches so far. But i get the same feedback from most of them learn to play a typical "legit" game. I mean i do expo if my observer sees tanks or a planetary fortress.

What do you guys recommend because indeed i will no get any experience like this i believe. Or rather good players know how to defend a 7 -8 m push...
get to diamond then learn how to play because below that you're playing a different game. So get to diamond by any means necessary. There's no need to play "legit" games.
A more dangerous player not only does All-ins, but he also plays for the long term macro style. I would recommend losing a few games to to attempt macroing for the mid and late game feels like. It's better that you lose a few games and experience a broader variety of strategies than to win consistently with All-ins.
Yes it is better to have experience at every stage of the game, from early to late, and playing to expand makes this easier to learn. However, you are in silver, so you are not macroing properly on 1 base either.

When your mechanics on 1 base are good enough you can work your way towards earlier and earlier expos; in PvT for example going from 3gate robo to 3gate expo, gate robo gate expo, to 1 gate expo, or in PvP from 3 gate robo down to 1 gate robo expand or 2 gate expos.

PvZ is an exception, because there are no 1 base plays that work against good players. It would be best to just start getting good at FFE.

Keep in mind that even the best terran can lose to a 4gate sometimes, or toss to a cannon rush, and there is nothing "wrong" with these strategies. There are some players that prefer to be aggressive or cheesy, maybe you are one of them, and that is fine. But keep in mind that as you get better these strategies are less likely to end the game outright and will more often lead to a longer game where you need to know how to exploit your advantage on 2+ bases.
PvZ is an exception, because there are no 1 base plays that work against good players. It would be best to just start getting good at FFE.

"Good" as in masters ladder, there's plenty of 1 base plays that work.
01/06/2013 10:05 AMPosted by Venom
"Good" as in masters ladder, there's plenty of 1 base plays that work.

You're an exception dude ^_- !
Fair warning - I have a huge bias towards macro play as it's my prefered style.

I would recommend spending the time losing games while learning to properly macro. It will help you more in the long run.

Anyone can learn an All-in, in 30 minutes.

Learning to properly macro takes a very long time, and lots of practice getting faster. Would you rather spend that time learning while you are in bronze/silver and playing against weaker opponents?

or would you rather spend that time learning to macro while you are in diamond, when you are facing opponents that are much better than you, handing you butt whoopins game after game.

I fear you would have a much more difficult time once you hit higher leagues, and would find yourself on much larger losing streaks, which could discourage you.

I say spend the time learning proper macro now, while you can do so safely. It will give you a HUGE advantage later in your progress.

The majority of my games are won simply by having better macro than my opponent.

My micro is average, my all-ins are average. But my macro I feel is far above average for my current MMR, and well... It wins me games.
01/06/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Pesto
PvZ is an exception, because there are no 1 base plays that work against good players.

The last season that I played I maintained about 80% win rate vs Zerg players in mid-high masters playing off of 1base. Just thought it'd be good to point out that a very large majority (probably 99%) of players will never run into a truly "good" player in their entire time playing the game.

With that being said, I'd suggest players to play however they like to play as long as it follows the basic mechanics that makes strategies work. The wrong strategy played well usually beats the right strategy played poorly.
1 base play works well up to masters.....the problem is that 1 base play is basically an all in every game..... But I would put forth a theory that 1 base play will actually increase your apm and game mechanics because your entire focus is to try and end the game from 7-12 minutes of game time play.....thus forcing you to work faster and more efficiently in order to accomplish this goal.

No its not the best way to play sc2....but 99 percent of all sc2 players are just casual gamers here for an hour or two to play games.......I would surmise that wins are more important to them then perfect exectution of a long 5 base macro game.

So learn some good 1 base play..when you get good at that expand it to good 2 base play......when you get good at that then some good 3 base play and finally into a full blown macro style. This progression IMO will increase your apm and efficiency and get you wins along the might even turn you from a casual gamer into a more hardcore sc2 player.
if ur gonna play a macro style dont play terran, because to get ahead you have to do crazy !@#$ like 1 rax three cc, when you do this tho the zerg just hits szzzzzzzzzzzzzz eeeeeeeeee a move and your advantage is over cuz you lost
All in is still a valid strategy, but learning macro games is important too, as sometimes, all in's just won't work, and once you learn to recognise when the all in will not likely be successful, you will be able to transition to a long game and win by other means.

It's called being a well rounded player.

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