PvT and PvZ +2 Archon Chargelot Allin

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Here is a replay:

This is a build i adapted from my PvZ allin (same thing, but different opener, so you don't just die to early terran pressure)

PvT - General build order is 1 gate fe, then twilight council and forge, add a gate or two so you don't die, then templar archives, storm, more gates up to 8 or 9, and go try to kill him. Make up to +2 weapons, chronoboosting the upgrades and charge all the way out.

PvZ - FFE, start +1 with first 100 gas (you should have exactly 50 gas for when cyber finishes to be able to start warp gate right away). drop twilight at 50% +1 weapons, and templar archives after that. start charge when twilight finishes, and add more gates up to 8 or 9 and go try to kill him when warp gate finishes.

I do not recommend getting storm, since it really hurts your archon count, however if you are more comfortable with storm then go for it I guess.
Pvz it wouldn't work if they get roaches and kite. Pvt it can work but I don't like builds that skips the robo because you don't know what they're doing, where they're at and you don't know where drops are coming and could be in a lot of trouble vs banshee. I would suggest going armor over weapons or maybe even shields first since you're archon all-ining.

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