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Description: The world is on the verge of destruction, will you aid in this or try to prevent it? Calm Before the Storm is a RP in which you will get missions and will attempt to succeed in them, how you go about this is up to you. You will often be competing against other RPers, who, like you, will have the choice of doing the mission, or an alternate mission to undermine the main one. Time will also be allowed for RPer created sub-plots and character interaction, of course.

If you wish to apply, go to the following thread:

Humans- A race of nobles and liars, of thieves and of kings, the humans are one of the most diverse races in all the lands. Their technology is generally Renaissance era, the nobility often still wearing plate armor into battle on horses. They own the Northern plains, and generally live in large cities with smaller numbers of farmers throughout the countryside. They’re still rapidly advancing in technology, getting into an area of tech that could be described as Steampunk.

Weapons (Humans)- If of noble descent, will generally be a longsword with a lance and plate armor, usually fighting on horseback. Shorter swords, maces, clubs, and axes are substitutes for the longsword. If peasantry, you’ll often use a short-sword or dagger, along with a crossbows, longbow, or a rudimentary gunpowder weapon. These gunpowder weapons will generally be flintlock or matchlock, with exceptions if needed. However, steampunk-type weapons are starting to become more and more available, rather than just rare weapons being tested for the first time. For mages, robes and a dagger; Nothing much else.

Culture (Humans)- A highly rigid class-system forms their society, with the exception of a few small democratic countries. Knights and other nobles are generally the true warriors of the humans, with the peasantry simply there for support and weight of numbers. The kingdoms of the humans often have separation by gender, with females providing back at home with the men doing the fighting. Clothing is similar to that of the medieval or Victorian eras, and marketplaces or farming is where the majority of jobs are made. Guards are the general militia and police of most cities, and are nearly always of noble descent. The humans often make use of slaves, who are almost exclusively other humans.

Notes- Class system is very rigid, and works like this. (Lord, Grand Duke, Duke, Count, Knight, Peasent, Slave)


Dwarves- The mountain men of the Western Mountains, the dwarves technology and mining skills are unmatched, but they lack the numbers of the other races. However, with repeated wars against the Orcs, they’re been steadily increasing in power in recent times. The Dwarves and Humans are historically friends, but have been in dispute over their borders for several decades now. They are generally democratic, though they aren’t exactly enlightened thinkers.

Weapons (Dwarves)- Generally all Dwarves are of the same social status, and so often will have similar access to weaponry. They also generally lack magical prowess, and so do not have that as a battlefield option. They normally will have an axe as a melee weapon, with some using huge two-handed axes and some using lighter one-handers. They use gunpowder weapons at a range, and so have rifles, pistols, and sometimes even primitive grenades.

Culture (Dwarves)- A democratic society that doesn’t really concern itself with philosophical reasoning, and one that uses mining as it’s main income form. They are, because of this, granted many technological innovations, but their lack of forward-thinkers mean that they still fall behind the humans here. They regard humans with respect, and as equals, but think of Elves as being somewhat lesser , and they use Orcs as slaves often, with nearly as many Orcish slaves as Dwarven citizens. They’re generally not very isolationist, and their alliance with the humans (The Grand Alliance) is the most powerful military alliance in the world at this time.

Appearance (Dwarves)- Normally about 4‘0 to 4‘6 in height, they’ve normally got stocky, large builds, and long beards with sort of “scrunched-up” faces. There armor is nearly always chain-mail that covers their entire body, and makes them rather slow but well-protected.


Elves of Anormet- The isolated magic users of the North-eastern hilly-lands, the Elves of Anormet (Or Sun-Elves, Or White-Elves) are, sadly, a race whose influence is being slowly shut out of the world. They operate on a religious system, with priests and priestesses being the most respected members of society. They’re honorable, and use magic for the majority of their tasks, refusing to take up the new gunpowder weapons, or even most bows and such things. They all live off the land, in a socialistic society which does nothing to help them in the modern, generally capitalistic lands. These Elves, like all Elves, are immortal.

Weapons- The Sun-Elves are by far the most prominent magical users, and literally every member of the race relies on it in combat the majority of the time. They often do have swords for support, but lack heavily in the way of bows, and they do not use gunpowder or steam power at all. Recently though, they realized that to stay a fighting force, they needed to adapt, and so they now have some dedicated sword troops with armor to buffer for the mages.

Culture: They operate on a socialistic system where food is gathered by all, and shared by all. Their lacking heavily in technology, and use magic and hand-work to do near everything. They’re a highly religious peoples, and their religious hierarchy may as well be the leaders of the country. They’re heavily isolationist, but are friendly with all who venture into their lands unless they have reason not to be. Do not be fooled by their lack of weaponry either, their magic users are capable of beating even the most battle-hardened traditional-style troops.

Appearance- Males are on average around 5‘10, with females being about 5‘4 on average. Generally are more slender and lithe than humans, but still can be quite stocky. They normally wear the robes of a religious leader, and generally lack true armor. They often wear hoods as well as robes, hiding their appearance. They normally have blonde hair, with Green eyes for females and Silver-eyes for males. Other than this, they look similar to humans, besides large ears.
Races pt: 2

Elves of Mentwood- Also known as the Moon-Elves, these Elves aren’t truly losing or gaining influence, but have nearly none on the outside world regardless. They’re utterly isolationist, preferring to be left alone entirely unless the Orcs need to be put down. They lack a true government, instead just living in large groups all throughout the land. They almost never get involved in politics at all, and prefer to not even be recognized as their own nation, because then they feel they would be dragged into conflict. They live off the land, refusing basically any technological advancements, preferring instead to simply live in harmony with nature.

Weapons- The Moon-Elves are extremely prolific with the bow, and less so with melee, weapons, which they use only when needed. They use longbows or Composite bows, preferring the latter though, and use short-swords and daggers in close combat. Their fighting tactics are essentially to skirmish the enemy to death, commonly employing guerrilla tactics. They also, unlike the other Elves, don’t use magic in fights, and rarely use it at all.

Culture- They refuse the use of technology, and generally just live amongst the forests, living off them and in turn protecting them from the other races. The forest of Mentwood is considered the most beautiful place in the world, and these Elves would rather die protecting it than to see it ravaged. There armies aren’t very scary once out of the forests, but their fighting abilities in the forests are unmatched and legendary, as shown by the Orcish invasion of 135 A.R in which a Orcish army of 5000 was wiped out to the man in return for just over 30 Elvish casualties.

Appearance- They’re quite tall, Males being 6'3 to 6'9 and Females being from 5'10 to 6'2, and can tower over opponents. The males are muscular and athletic, but light and swift all the same, and the females are always of a smaller build, being lithe and slender. Males normally have blue eyes, whereas Females have Amber or purple eyes. Their hair is black, blue, or violet. It is noted by human scholars that Moon-Elves of either gender are notoriously pleasurable to look upon, and this is generally true. Both genders are also notoriously scantily-clad, neither male nor female wearing any more than utterly necessary. This is important for their style of fighting, as it allows them to be a swift and quick as possible.


The Orcish tribes- To the south, in the desert of Nim’Moran, the Orcish peoples have, for the most part, medieval technology, and are too stupid to advance any further. They’re the enemies of basically every race in the world, and often go to war with the other races. They operate on a tribal system, with the largest tribes rivaling some of the races in numbers. They aren’t religious, and this is yet another reason for the conflicts between them and the other races. They’re historically enemies worst with the Humans and Dwarves, but they also are unfriendly with the Elvish races.

Weapons- Large clubs, spears, crossbows, occasionally catapults, and curved swords are the favorites of the Orcs. They generally don’t fight on horseback, but every once in a while do.

Culture- They live in the desert, where they lack many recourses. They often go to war with the other races, being considered the enemies of civilized society in this world. They don’t separate based on much of anything, both males, females, and all sub-races of Orcs being treated as “equals”, though different tribes often fight against one another. Their military isn’t the greatest, but their raw numbers make up for it.

Appearance- Large, about the height of Moon Elves with large, thick bodies. They have green tinted skin, and generally short, brown hair. Their eyes are also brown, and they have a sort of “stupid” look to them. They’re armor is generally heavy mail armor, and they use stolen dwarven materials to make much of this.


The Siltar- A nearly extinct race of ages past, the Siltar live in the high Southeastern mountains. They have no government, they all simply live together in one last village. The other races don’t even really know about them, except through legends and myths. They do not have any real semblance of technology, still using basic tools for nearly everything, but each individual is extremely powerful, being able to fight dozens of the other races at once. However, they’re also pacifists and refuse to fight unless they’re being invaded.

Weapons- Crude, simple weapons like slings, clubs, early bow, spears, and some bronze swords. They are, however, extremely powerful with any of these, and are proficient magic users, and are dangerous with the weapons they do have.

Culture- Generally friendly and trusting of outsiders, their day to day life emphasizes simply surviving. They all live in a village on top of the highest peak in the land, and they often go down to the lower lands to mingle and interact with other races, along with other things. They use next to no technology, and eat mountain plants exclusively.

Appearance- Extremely tall, measuring about 10 feet in height, and a stocky and sturdy build. They look otherwise similar to humans. This is because the humans reportedly evolved from them, and eventually became far more powerful.

All users of magic are born with their abilities, though they can hone it through training. Humans are rarely born with it, but the Academy of Magic in the city of Narcalm in southern human lands teaches magic users how to use their magic with greater success. The Dwarves lack an equivalent, and Moon-Elves don’t use magic...Sun-Elves always train with magic throughout their lives, and Orcs also lack magical capabilities, like the dwarves, and also cannot hone it in their own lands. The Siltar, like the Sun-Elves, use magic throughout their lives.

Healing- The art of healing another person, this magic allows one to heal their allies in combat. It is used heal injuries. This type of healing is a specialty of Priests and doctors, and the Sun-Elves excel in this more than any other magic besides some elemental magic.

Elemental- Mostly control of fire, lightning, or stone. Some rare occurrences have come where metal or water can be controlled by the user. This is the type of magic that the Siltar use, and the main combat magic of all the races.

Rift Magic- By far the rarest, and hardest to get of all magic. This magic is outlawed in most of the world, as only the highest-up Sun-Elves are allowed to use it. This magic allows rifts in space, opening windows of time travel among other things.

Notable current political affairs:

The Grand Alliance is faltering- Humans and Dwarves, disagreeing with their boundary lines, are nearly to breaking point. The only thing still keeping them together is the threat of Orcs, and their general happiness and friendliness with one another.

The Orcs are prepping an invasion- The Orcish tribes have come together, and are now getting ready to invade any lands that they deem worth trying to get. This, perhaps, includes not only Human and Dwarven lands...but maybe Elvish lands as well?

The Moon-Elves and Humans are prepping an alliance- Reports of delegates from both sides meeting are getting attention, and this shows that maybe the Moon-Elves feel threatened by the Orcs.

The Sun-Elves and Humans are growing less friendly- The humans have been encroaching on Sun-Elf lands for years, and the Sun-Elves are growing tired of it. The humans cannot fight a two front war...can they?
DM Characters/Questgivers (Will initiate missions).


Name:Jack Wilkonson
Age: 38
Allegiance: Human Government
Backstory: A human count who quickly was moved into a position of diplomacy, he now handles “petty” issues and runs the human spy network.

Name: Sarah Bilson
Age: 26
Allegiance: Human Freedom Fighters
Backstory: A human that works directly for the congress of humanity, she handles the dirty work of the rebellion.


Name: Kored Bronzeforger
Age: 50
Allegiance: Dwarven League
Backstory: A Dwarf that works as the leader of a large mining company, he is influential to all Dwarven politics.

Sun Elf-

Name: Arael Dryearettln
Age: ?? (Around 1500)
Allegiance: Sun-Elves
Appearance: (Silver eyes)
Backstory: A high-priest of the Sun-Elves, he now has been chosen by the others to represent all Sun-Elves to the other races.

Moon Elf-

Name: Nevarial Arneth
Age: ?? (Around 1200)
Allegiance: Moon-Elves
Appearance: (Amber eyes)
Backstory: One of the few Moon Elves to not shun the outside world, she meets often with other races, to do various things that she believes will help the Moon Elf race.


Name: Grotzog Waalug
Age: 30
Allegiance: Tribe of Natule
Backstory: The official advisor and diplomat of the tribe of Natule, the largest Orc tribe.

Non-DM Characters

Name: Endathiel
Age: 235 (Appears quite young)
Race: Sun Elf
Gender: Female
Allegiance: None
Weapons: Compound Bow, Elemental Magic
Appearance: 5' 6" with lightly fitting green/white clothing with a skirt. Green quiver on back.
Backstory: Exiled due to treason (Wrong place, wrong time), Endathiel was exiled to the land of the orks where she not only survived, but thrived from the constant battle with the Orks, becoming a jack-of-all-trades. She has become almost as good as Moon Elves against them, and her elemental magic has helped her greatly. Last seen in Human territory.

Name: Zhumbogh Thagakclaw
Age: 28
Race: Ork
Gender: Male
Allegiance: His own clan
Weapons: Warhammer, Short Sword (x2), Great Sword
Appearance: 6'8", thick built with a long scar down the right side of his face. Uses a heavy armor that barely slows him but is very hard to get through with normal weapons.
Backstory: Zhumbogh was a normal Ork soldier who rose through the ranks with his brute strength and cunning intelligence. He desired to be in control of the tribe, and during a celebration after another tribe was defeated, Zhumbogh had slaughtered his tribe's leader and his second-in-command, and took control of the tribe.

Name: Khogdath Thagakclaw
Age: 27
Race: Orc!
Gender: MALE!
Allegiance: Thagakclaw Tribe
Weapons: Kurve Blade (Curve Blade), BIGGA! Krozzbow(Crossbow), Pokey Stick (Spear)
Appearance: 6' 4" Small for an Orc, but makes it up with a strong stocky build. The slightly smaller size helps somewhat. Has scars all around his arm and hands from where he was wrestling the Wargs (Giant Wolves in a sense that can be used for Calvary or to just send mayhem against enemies) into glorious submission! Taming them through brute force.
Backstory: An Orc that isn't to be trifled with, you mess with his babies (Wargs) and he'll cut off ya head and chew you up until you are literally !@#$! He was there when the newer Warboss killed the older one, he was there with him. Any prisoner that does not cooperate is... You know what happens next, just think about what those red piles of meat and bones were?

Name: Joseph
Age: 44, looks about 25
Race: Halfling (Moon Elf/Human)
Gender: Male
Allegiance (If any): Anyone not an Orc
Weapons: Steam powered rifle, Long sword, fold up compound bow
Appearance: 6' 1", Silver hair with golden eyes, Wears red leather armor with a helm that generally covers his whole head.
Backstory: Joseph is the son of a Moon Elf who was attempting to save her race and a human who got lost in the forest and a human who was willing to help, as he was a warrior and a scholar. His mother found a prophecy inscribed on a rock, and it said that the Moon-Elves and their forest were doomed, and the only savior would be the son of a Moon-Elf and a Human, and this was the source of her willingness. His mother loved him dearly, but was looked down upon for her intercourse with a human, and was shunned, but eventually accepted again when it became apparent that his father had no knowledge of him. Joseph, however, was generally accepted, his father unknowing of his existence, and therefore was raised to fight as a Moon Elf until he was about fifteen. Then, his mother decided he needed to be raised by both heritages, and so went to his father and he was raised to be a warrior and hunter, his first rifle a gift from his father, steam powered and lethal at up to 1,000 meters. He was taught by both races that Orcs were the bane of their existence and to be hated, no matter what.

Name: Leonidas “Leo”
Age: 18
Race: Human
Weapons: Medium length sword, Kite-shield, dagger (keeps on his person at all times), undiscovered metal and earth elemental magic (not sure if it would go in this cat or not)
Appearance: 6 foot even, short cut black hair, muscular but toned, prefers to wear simple clothing or leather whenever possible, wears medium-heavy weight armor into battle.
Backstory: The youngest son of a Duke, unless his older brothers die he will not take over for his father and thus is give free reign to do as he wishes when not in any lessons or called to formal events. He spends whatever free time he has in the forge with the cities resident dwarf Grand Blacksmith. Most of the muscle he has comes from the time he spends in the forge. He does not like the current armor worn by nobles and the time he spends in the forge is devoted to learning how to make lighter and thinner yet stronger steel armor.

Name: Roco Gineon
Age: 47
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Dwarven Cartel
Weapons: Clockwork Rifle (Uses Gunpowder charges for each clip, once every round has been fired, he has to insert another charge), Rudely Made Gunpowder Compact Machine Gun (Good for short range, jams quite a lot. Uses some kind of wheel and piston that churns out rounds, can be belt fed or cartridge fed, might also explode in users face), Hand Axe
Appearance: Cleaned up Brown Beard, with somewhat long Brown hair. Has a blind eye in his left from a gunpowder accident when he was younger. Armor is usually leather for the added mobility.
Backstory: Poor, poor Roco, growing up in the dreaded slums of one of the Mountain Dwarven Cities. Like many poor Dwarfs, he was put into slavery (servitude) and was put into the mines to work. One dreaded night shift in the mines, they were trying to blow up a nearby boulder with some Gunpowder Kegs... Boy was that a doozy! None of them could get out of the blast in time as a chain reaction occurred. Taking the lives of at least a dozen Dwarfs and Slaves, while injuring twenty-five including Roco. He gained a gift from it as well. Then four months later when he was a stocky Dwarf at the age of 17... The Cartel freed some of the Dwarf Slaves... Later trained to be an enforcer rumor has it. Then rumors have it that he's protecting a high ranking Dwarf Official in some mine as to change laws... But these are only rumors and shouldn't be given as truth... Or should they?
Non-DM characters Pt.2
As you walk through where you are walking, you notice a courier dressed splendidly approaching you. He calls out your name, and he hands you a letter with the royal seal. He quickly walks away, and moments later, a dark, robed figure comes over and, without a word, puts another letter in your pocket. You read the letters and find this.

“Dear sir or miss.

I invite you to come to the royal capital of Alexandria, and to the palace of the king. Once there, ask for me, I promise to explain further once you arrive, but know you could really help our cause.

Sincerely, Jack Wilkonson.”

You open the next letter.

“Look, I’ll make this short and sweet. I’d like for you to come to a distinct hut on the forest road leading into Alexandria. Once you see the hut, go inside, others may be there. If you do not wish to come, we will not harm you, unless you need to be harmed, if you do come, I’ll tell you what I want...and what you will get in return.

Signed, Anonymous.”’

OOC: You may now post.
I shake my head at both letters. Waste of my time, both meetings. I'm only here for supplies, then I'm back to the woods. Stuffing them away, I continue walking, heading for Alexandria anyways since it had what I needed. "More ammo, some food, bit of medicine...Man, this is more than usual." I continue walking, wary of my surroundings, but not obviously so.
/TrollFace As I read the Letter sent to the Orcs.

Jester.... get the Boyz ready.
OOC: Whoops, I meant to give you your own intro. I'll do it now.

IC: The day was here, the gathering of the 5 Orc tribes. In the desert they met, and the leaders all went into a particularly large tent, ready to discuss strategy...
I pocket the letters after reading them as I return to my house. I was covered in soot from working in the forge. Hmm which to do? I can easily get to either meeting but the one from 'Anonymous' seems sinister ... I guess it is the baths and then Alexandria for me then. I enter the mansion my family owned without any trouble the guards familiar with me after a bit at the forge. I head immediately to the baths to get clean(ish) so as to not give a bad impression when I arrive at the kings palace in Alexandria.

You walk on through the forest, and see the hut mentioned in the letter. You hear faint...yet distinct sounds, the cries of a girl screaming....the sounds came from the hut. The screams were somewhat muffled due to the door, and you cannot hear what she's yelling.
Turd....I was really trying to avoid entering main stream right now...

IC: I stop at the screams and sigh. I knew I didn't trust that second letter. Drawing my sword, I approach the cabin and attempt to discern what's going on.
You hear the voice screaming still "Help! Oh god, don't! Is there anyone out there?!" and then you hear a male voice. "Nobodies going to help you, girlie." It says, and as you approach the door, you hear a whip crack inside.
I wince. That would be painful to take a hit from. Maybe sit in a tree and see what my rifle can do....I shake my head. I didn't have enough ammo left for that. I decide to wait if anyone else walks in and then I'll make my move.
Nothing. Not the slightest sounds from anywhere but the hut, not the slightest movement...not even mice. You hear the whip crack again, the screams growing louder. And then you hear the girl again. "Oh god..please, please no!" And the cackling of the man. "Nobody can help you, girl!" And his laughs grew louder.
I think quickly, knowing what could happen if I go in there unprepared. Oh for the love of... I kick the door in and step in, sword ready.
I stand and listen to the other Warbosses, not giving them much care. Personally, I gave no care to anything cut my clan, and I kept it that way.
From behind you, you barely hear the shuffling of feet. But more demanding of you attention is what's inside the hut. You see a fully cloaked man and woman, and a dozen others, also hooded, who, along with the man and woman, are carrying pistols.
"So glad you could join us." The woman says, "I'm the one you know as Anonymous. I'm sure you'd like an explanation." She says, gesturing to the armed men. "And you'll get one, we just like to...make sure our so-called clients consider what we offer." And behind you, there's a dozen or so men also armed with rifles.

"You see, you odd could be instrumental to our success."


"I say, we shud go in an' attak da humans when dey ain't redy." One of the Orcs says, before another goes off, and they begin bickering.
I remain ready, prepping a smoke pellet that the Moon Elves used to help with escapes and ambushes. "Who's to say I'm interested?"

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