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Chronicle of Blood & Steel
Chapter 1: Meeting with the Orc Chieftains

Khogdath was beside his Warboss! Ready and honored to be with him to this very day, ever since his planned murder. His wolves ready to tear open the flesh of their enemies and feast on their innards! What a glorious sight for anyone that was an Orc. The Kurve Blade was stained with blood, not even taking the time to clean it off. It would damage it, dull it, but who cared! They could just make another one that was better! Or steal one.

OOC: Doing each Chapter in sections so it's easier to work with.
"That's bold to say. Let me explain further, then you'll be very, very interested...would you like some water?" And behind you notice more heads popping out from the trees, ready to shoot you if you so much as flinch in the wrong way.
I shake my head. "No thanks. I don't think I trust people who would aim their weapons at a guest."
"I don't think you understand." She says, "We have had a problem with people trying to rat us out. We take the needed precautions."
"I'm here for supplies and nothing more. Who you are and what you want really don't matter to me." I shift my grip slightly. This was becoming less to the point than I'd like.
"Tell you what...let's just calm down, and talk over some wine. If you wish to help us after hearing, so be it. If not, we'll give you enough supplies to more than make up for the time you've lost here."
I shake my head. "No wine, just talk. I will, however, sheath my weapon." I do as I say and sheath my sword, expecting them to keep their end of the deal.
The robed people then do likewise.

"You can help can help us obtain freedom for all humans, to end the class system and slavery, and create a world where people don't have to suffer because of their birth...all you have to do is do one simply mission for us. You would, of course, be rewarded greatly."
"I'd be interested if I didn't know where this was going. However, I'll hear the rest."
I start to yell, and even the Orcs outside the hut stopped to hear.

I sigh as I wander among the forests belonging to the Humans. Once this had been a territory of the Sun Elves, but their aggression was taking the land away. I had no room to speak, however, for I no longer was welcome in our land. I breath in, and eye an animal sniffing around for food.
The girl kind of snickers under her robes. The others, the guards, they stay quiet.

"What, you aren't interested in making sure little children no longer starve to death while nobles host huge feasts every day? Regardless...we want you to disrupt the Dwarves. We want you to murder one of their commanders."


"I agrees with him! We need to kil dem humans and sucsh!" One of the other leaders yells out.

"Fine den," The leader of the largest tribe starts, "How'll we do it den?"
"And why in Gaia's name would I do that? The Dwarves are perhaps the only race to consistently show me kindness despite my heritage."
"Because," She begins, "This particular dwarf is no friend of anybodies...he's as bad as they come. Corrupt, evil, criminal all the really high-end Dwarves."
I tighten my fist. "You'd be wise to know your facts before you speak. Just because one is rotten, doesn't mean the whole bunch is. Give me a name."
"Oh no, no no no. It isn't that easy." She says, amused. "And you obviously don't know Dwarves very well. Corrupt criminal empires...that's what rules the Dwarves. As for the person you need to get your pick. It's...better for business that way. If I were to recommend one of the scum, I'd say Wilton Goldore. You'd find him in his mine."
I sigh. "So you speak of the miners and merchants, the force that keeps the Dwarves together as a nation. Very well, why him? and you still haven't answered my question as to why the Dwarves."
"This will all be revealed in time. As for now, you only have to worry about killing him."


The animal suddenly leaps at Endathiel, and she sees two human hunters in the woods, walking nearby.
"I'll do no such thing until you tell me why. No one race is perfect, not even the one race without a class system. The Moon Elves have problems of their own."
"Because, if you care about people...and Moon-Elves, you'll do it. Trust us." She said, referring to the whole empire that they belonged to. The one that had been heard about all throughout the kingdom for several years now...the rebels.
I shake my head and sigh. "I'll consider it. For now, I have supplies to get and a dog to return to." I turn to leave. "If I decide to do it, you'll hear news of his death."

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