Calm Before the Storm

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"Wait." I say, and several men block the door.

"If you go to the kingdom with this, you'll be dead. And if you do this, come back here for a large sum of gold. Oh, and if you decide to put this all out of your mind, so be it." I say, and hand him soon food and drink. "Here are your supplies that were promised." The supplies include several pounds of meat and several gallons of water and drink.
After a good wash I put on a set of my riding leather and head to the kitchen to grab some food for the trip. I spot one of my families servants. "Will you tell my father that I'm going out for some riding and will be back in a while?"

"Of course master." The servant says bowing slightly before walking off to inform my father.

I then head back to my room. grab my weapons. armor and some extra clothing. I don't put on the armor as it would just slow me down for now. I then head to the stables.
You see an odd land. One filled with peasants who have no hopes or dreams to speak of, and one with nobles who have everything they've ever wanted. The filthy, hungry peasants line the streets, while the nobles sit in mansions. It is an odd world indeed. You see a poor peasant man and his wife attempting to steal some of your things in the outside, so they can sell them for food.
Taking the offered supplies, I nod an walk out the door, returning to the road and heading to Alexandria. The rebels were ill informed if they thought that the King would even look at me. There was a reason I wore my armor all the time, and it wasn't because I wanted to.
I sigh as I walk, one hand on my sword as a warning to potential thieves. Damn Peasants.
"Wes attacks them, hows else? We finds their places, and burn thems to teh ground! We enslave and kill every single wone of zem, and wez takes their weaponz." I say, almost spitting out enough phlegm to fill a bucket.

My foot rises to meet the creature, hitting it and diverting its momentum elsewhere. I notch an arrow and fire it in the direction of the Hunters, where a heavy breeze follows, knocking one over and threatening to knock the other. I nod and climb up a nearby tree, getting another arrow ready in case they got too curious.
"Sur, sur. But how iz uz do dis?" The Orc says, growing impatient.


The hunters quickly divert their path, and the creature does as well. The girl sees her land...but it wasn't the same. The humans had torn it apart.


The peasents quickly steal away once they see this, and not much else occurs.
I quickly arrive at the stables I keep my horse at and get it saddled up and ready to go leaving off the available armor again not wanting to be slowed as much as possible. When my horse is ready to go I walk with it to the gates heading towards Alexandria and mount just outside the town/city.
I felt the desire to punch him. Had I not made it clear?
"Is yous not payin' attention? I TOLDS YOUS HOW I'S GOING TO DO ITS! NOW WE GO TO PILLAGE AND DESTORIES!" Proving my point, I storm out of the hut, for I was already sick of them. I mount up, and wait for my second-in-command to his !@# out here.

I let the arrow fly, and it lands between the hunters. This was on purpose, for the arrow was more of a focusing point to me. A few seconds after it hits the ground, a large burst of ice flash-freezes the hunters, and another arrow lashes out, hitting the creature in the eye and killing it. I climb down, and move on to another area, thankful for the combat reflexes I had from fighting Orcs.
Chapter 1, Part 2


Khogdath walked out of the tent, he was ready with his boss! The orcy of them all, the strongest of all 'ze clan! The smartest out of any Orc in the tribe! The moment was upon the tribe, for they deserve everything for they are the strongest!! "Boss! When shal' wez gutz ze humies!?"
"We getz them as soon as we's getz home. Then we rally teh BOIES AND WE KILL HUNT THEM HUMIES!" I urge my mount to ride out, and we head for our home.
Jester & CR.
Back in the tent, the Orcs shake their heads. "Dat guy ain't gon'ah do nuttin." One of them says.

The hunters eventually thaw, and then run back to their camp. There was a trouble-causing Elf out...the least favorite kind for the hunters.

You ride through areas with
I hold both letters in my hand and reread them, not wanting to miss any details. The first letter, from Jack Wilkonson, looks to be a legitimate document from the capital. The second, signed Anonymous, has no special characteristics about it, save for the message itself. I take a seat on a nearby bench, trying to decide what I should do. The first letter is almost certainly real... but I don't trust the second. Besides, going to the capital might give me a chance to get some more business going, and I'll have another chance to try selling my inventions to the military. Satisfied with this, I stand, climb into the seat of the steam-powered machine that I left in the shadows beneath a tree, and follow the main road towards the city of Alexandria.
Dac? Are you still alive?
You ride through areas with

OOC: Sorry, dunno exactly where to put you...let's see...

IC: You spot a cottage along the way, along with eerie silence. It must have been the one mentioned in the letter. Surrounding it; eerie silence.
Reaching town, I approach the only ammo vendor who would do business with me, a man by the name of Iro Gold. "I've come for supplies, Iro. You know if the medicine I asked for came in yet?"

OOC: Dac, mind being the merchant?
I slow to a stop by the cottage but don't dismount. I look around and listen to the creaking. "Hmm ... better keep going." I continue on my way slowly deciding that there was nothing here that mattered to me however I remain vigilant.
Morph: Sorry, the thing ate some of my post. t.t

IC: In the trees you hear slight creaking noises, but that's the extent of it.
Zarkun: "Aye. But some people came 'round earlier. They said I shouldn't give it to you unless you do their business. Listen, man. I don't know who the hell these people are, but you better not be getting me into trouble."
"They're no one of concern. I told them I'd think about it and nothing more. All I need is the ammo for now, and I'll go see Lucinda for the medicine."

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