Calm Before the Storm

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"Alright. It'll cost what it always costs." He says, sliding the ammo across the table.
I nod, giving him the money along with the five pounds of venison I always give him. I then leave, heading for Lucinda's shop. It was good she had the medicine, Uur was getting worse.
As you enter, you see a masked figure exit. You go in, passing by without saying anything or getting eye contact, and she talks to you.
"I suppose you'll want your medicine?"


The creaking continues, but you still see no sign of any people.
I nod. "I suppose that man was just in here saying not to give me it?"
"Ah, so you know what that's all about then? Listen, I don't know who the hell he is, but he better not come in here again." I say, sliding some of the medicine over. "Usual cost. If they come back though, I'll have to raise the price."
I chuckle, taking the medicine and giving Lucinda her herbs and money. "Knowing you, you'll just beat the man to death or shoot him. It's what you did the last time someone threatened you."
"And the extra you'd pay would be for the bullet." She says, chuckling and taking her payment.
I stop again. "Is someone there?" I call out dismounting and resting my hand on my sword. "I don't much care for brigands."
I bid my farewell and leave the shop, heading back towards the forest. This time, however, I exit the west gate, intending to avoid the cottage at all costs.
Morph: You hear and see nothing, but feel eyes following your every move. The wind, the trees look unnatural, and you can't help but notice it.


Zarkun: You hear some noises...just the wind though. Nothing worth mentioning happens as you make your way to your next destination.
*Time...* Wait...damnit Morph...

IC: I continue walking, listening to the birds and the other wildlife. It was peaceful there, although I could hear the pack of wolves following me. Sometimes being part elf was worth it.
I shake my head and get back on my horse and return on my way to Alexandria. I arrive quickly and head straight for the kings palace. Once there I ask for the guy that sent me the letter.
"Ah, yes." The guard says, leading you into a large office with a single man in a suit there. You recognize him as the head diplomat of the king.

"Sit down, please." He says, knowing that you'll be unprepared for what he was about to tell you.
"OK." I say taking the proffered seat. "What do you want the letter you sent seemed rather important."
"Believe or not, but we're on the brink of war, one wrong turn could lead into a massive fight with the Dwarves. We need you to help us prevent that."
I continue walking, the wolves eventually leaving me alone and I sigh in relaxed peace. Besides Uur being sick, I was at peace. As I walked I thought about it. The Dwarves did suffer considerably under the mine bosses...perhaps just one dead couldn't hurt.
"OK well why do you want me I'm just the son of a duke and I don't even know much about politics or diplomacy." I say not really caring that he had just said we were close to a war.
Reaching the border, I find Uur waiting by the cottage fence. My house was visible and I lived on the border, allowing me access to everything I needed at a reasonable amount of time. I pet him as he barks happily. "Hey boy, I have the medicine. Maybe now you'll get better." He barks again and I walk towards the door to the cottage, happy with my bit of the world.
"Because, lad. You're perfect for a job I want you to take. I need you to infiltrate the Dwarves, and act as the bodyguard for a specific one. I need you to say you just want to help the Dwarven cause and all that, and I need you to protect him with your life."

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