Calm Before the Storm

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Sitting in the chair I had on the porch after cleaning up some, keeping my weapons nearby in case of an attack and administer the medicine. Uur growls at first, but realizes it's to help and calms down. "Easy boy, it's not going to hurt you." Finishing up, I rest my rifle across my legs and lean back, watching the forest. What do I do mother...I hope you visit soon...

OOC: Dac, cue mother!
"Uh-huh I ... OK I guess. I'll do it for now. I'll have to stop and get some more supplies but I'll do it."
You see the slight movement of a tree, then, another. Whatever it was, it was moving swiftly and silently. You hear a slight creaking on the roof, but pay closer attention to the trees. On the roof, the creaking gets louder, more ominous. You see the slightest hint of a person in the forests. Suddenly, a snarl is heard, and a wolf falls onto your lap. You panic, but then you see the arrow piercing it's snout. Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere, your mother is standing in front of you, holding her bow.

"Hello, son. You need to pay more attention to your surroundings." She says, jokingly.


"I'm glad. You will be payed well." The man says.
I chuckle, dropping the wolf onto the ground and giving her a hug. "I knew I didn't need to worry with you here. How are things?"
"Not very good," She begins, looking him straight in the eye. "We're seeing evidence of the next great Orc invasion, not to mention humans growing ever more bold in their encroachments on our territory."
I nod. "I shouldn't be surprised by either, but the Orcs...I thought they were still reeling from the last time we repelled them." I look out into the woods, listening to the night creatures and pin pointing the Mockingbird, noting that the bird of war was singing indeed. "The Mockingbird sings it's song of war...then it's true. What else?"
"Nothing much that you should concern yourself with. How are things for you and your father?" I ask, hearing it as well.
"Right. Well I'm off." I get up and make for the door.
"By the way, the dwarf in question is a Wilton Goldore. Good luck." He said, fully expecting the recruit to get killed at some point in his journey.
I don't reply as I leave. I stop at the market and pick up some more supplies. I also send a letter home to my family telling them I am doing some work for the king and I won't be home for a while. I then get back on my horse and head off towards Dwarf lands.
I sigh. "Dad's off doing something on the Human border that they share with the Orcs, probably in preparation. As for me, I've...been given a bit of a dilemma."
She looks at him, "What is it? Bandits?" She asks.


Morph: You continue to hear some noises, but nothing much, and no movements.
I shake my head and relate all the events in that strange cabin to her. "I feel that while I owe the Dwarves for their kindness, this particular Dwarf is quite evil." I give her a look of despair. "I don't know what to do."
She looks puzzled.

"I'm not very familiar with the Dwarves, myself. But if this man is truly evil..then perhaps you should do what they say. Quite odd, though."
Real quick, quite, or quiet?

IC: I nod. "Thank you mother. I have to know one more thing. What of...the Moon elves? Are they still angered with you?" It was hard not calling them my people, but I didn't, for I knew neither they, nor the humans were.
OOC: Typo'd "off" instead of "odd", T.T
OOC: Sorry, dunno exactly where to put you...let's see...

IC: You spot a cottage along the way, along with eerie silence. It must have been the one mentioned in the letter. Surrounding it; eerie silence.
I assume that this was to both Morph and I, by the way?

IC: I stop for a moment to look at the cottage, realizing that it must be the one mentioned in the letter from "Anonymous". I almost consider going inside, but then my better judgement takes over, and I quickly get rid of the thought. I still won't trust someone who won't even give their name, as well as having a rather suspicious message. I push the throttle lever forward, and the contraption begins to move again, continuing on the road towards the capital.
Owl: You hear, and see nothing on the road to the capital, other than a war-torn country.


Zarkun: "Well..." She started. She didn't like talking about this. "They've grown to accept what I've done, at least more so than before. That's nothing you need to concern yourself with though. You've obviously got much bigger things to think about."
I sigh, knowing she'd do this. "Mother, you know that I care for you and Father more than I do my own worries. What have they said?"
She grumbled "Nothing you need to hear." under her breath, but decided to respond. "Nothing more than usual. Most of them have realized why I did it. But you need to be careful about this whole thing..I-, we can't afford to lose you."

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