Calm Before the Storm

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I nod slowly. Clearly I wasn't going to get it out of her. "I've never taken unnecessary risks, and I won't start now. However, I will request that you ask the Moon Elves to be on the look out for black robed intruders. They are the rebels and will attempt to sway them from helping me as they normally do until I kill this Dwarf." I place my sword back on my waste and my bow back on my back with it's quiver.
"I will do that." She replies, satisfied.
I give her another hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Watch Uur, for me, and wish me luck." With that, I leap into a nearby tree, using the branches to climb higher, and move towards the Dwarves' mountains. It was time the corrupt payed their dues.
She watches him going off, before going inside.


Zarkun: Soon enough, you hear suspicious movements, just like earlier. Now you're certain it isn't your imagination, but what else could it be?
I stop and listen. This certainly wasn't the wolf pack from earlier. I silently draw my bow, spotting a deer. Using that as cover, I knock an arrow and begin stalking it. If it was the Rebels, they had chosen the wrong Halfling to stalk.
As you listen closer, the sound seems to disappear. But as soon as you relax, they come back. You notice small movements throughout the trees, small things...but were they natural? The deer bolts, as if frightened...but by what?
I keep my bow drawn. No one knew the animal's habits like I did, so I knew another would come through. However, those attempting to stalk me weren't doing a very good job of it. I continue on, keeping to the trees and following the path I always took to the mountains. If these were intent on hurting me, they were in for a surprise.
Nothing else happens for a while, you don't see the movements, you hear some noises...but that's all.
I reach the path into the mountains uncontested and place the arrow back in the quiver and start up the path, putting the bow away as well.
IC: I continue towards the city, the legs of my contraption clanking noisily as I approach the capital. I'll have to buy some oil in the city for those joints. As I near the city's gates, I draw a few stares from observers that have never seen such a machine. They are still a rare sight, only made in small numbers by a very few inventors such as myself, and even then infrequently, because of the price that we charge for them. These devices are some of the most advanced technology that we have, and thus it comes at a cost, as the materials and time needed to construct them are valuable. I glance at the guards to see if they are going to make any objection, but none is forthcoming, and I proceed into the city unhindered.
As I near the tunnels, I consider how to kill the Dwarf. He had never been kind to me, always trying to have his guards, who had no qualms with me, kill me for protecting his workers. Usually ended in them being fairly beat up. Not that I didn't get my lumps for it, but they weren't super intent on stopping me from helping their fellow Dwarves. I was side tracking my self so I focused again. I couldn't do it with my bow, the arrow would give me away, but perhaps my rifle...I nod. That's how I would do it, and I'd use something to cut down on the sound and muzzle flash as well.
Owl: You see people gather about, wondering why an inventor was here. Maybe that machine was something they could all have one day, though it was unlikely.


Zarkun: You see a long, thin piece of metal that seems like it would fit into your rifle pretty well.
Picking it up, I look it over. The location and placing of the item was almost too convenient, but I sigh, taking it anyways. At least they were willing to help with this job.
The wolves were getting hungry... Good thing that they were going to have a grand meal when the boyz attack! "Boss?! The wolvez are gettin' hungerz! Shall we letz them feazt soon?"
One of the Wolves goes and kills an Orc, and the remainder quickly help him devour it. Yep, they were hungry alright.
Oh Dacder.... you smart !@# you.
I reach the entrance to Wilton Goldore's mines and nod to the guard heading to a dark corner I had found that allowed me to observe his comings and goings. Now I simply had to pick a time and wait.
The Orc was waiting for his "Boss" to talk... Or he could wait, many thoughts entered through his head! What kind of human shall he feed his dogs!


Roco was entering near the entrance of a mine tunnel.
"Roko, some friends of ours tipped us off on something. So, I'm heading deeper in, I want you to find and kill a human who's coming to murder me. Do I make myself clear?" Said the mine boss.
Roco gave a stern nod, funny thing this was... Some groups thought this man was evil, his hirer at this point... But what everyone must understand, everyone is evil in some way.

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