im having a very hard time using banelings :(

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Obviously im new. It seems like when ever i try to use banelings they get wrecked before i even get the chance to use them on my opponent. I havent even got the chance to use explode on an opponent yet, so basically vs. Mass marines im screwed hard. Can someone please help me?

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didnt even have to open it to know what vid it was.
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Burrow is an effective tactic because you can surface your banelings very close to the enemy units, or just detonate underground.
Basically you HAVE to have the speed upgrade otherwise marines will cut them down or avoid them before they can connect. burrowing is great defensively, but put them on major pathways that are far enough away from your base so they wont be scanning for creep tumors etc... also, 0 armor dies to a single shot of a tank, +1 it take 2 hits (assuming the tank is at 0 attack)

watch. learn. laugh.
ROFL they age restricted that video. LOL
Creep spread helps significantly with banelings. Without creep, marines can out maneuver banelings. With creep, the banelings can actually catch marines. With stim, marines are back to out maneuvering banelings. At least until baneling speed is done.

It's a good idea to use zerglings with your banelings. They will soak up a lot of the damage so your banelings don't die on the way there. Be sure to surround with your zerglings by right clicking behind the enemy army. When your lings get a decent surround hit stop and they will start attacking. Surround is significantly better because your units don't have to run around each other to attack. It also limits the amount of kiting your opponent can do.

Banelings can be micro'ed similarly to zerglings. They don't have to attack to do damage, they simply need to die. You can right click behind the enemy army. As their army kills the banelings, the damage will still be done. Right clicking also avoids situations where 5 banelings a-move into a marauder.

Explode is used for baneling landmines and ZvZ situations. It's also a great way to throw a game you've already won.

Funny side note. I once lost a game where I had a perfect surround. Instead of hitting stop, I a clicked randomly on the screen. Automatron2000 says hi.

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