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I can't believe the other one got deleted D: I'm so sorry mod's and... Whoever deleted it. I take full responsibility.

I will edit in all the stuff I had. It's a really... Really good thing I got the other thread up or all your character sheets would have been lost. I'll try to edit in bits and pieces I remember it.

<Your B.net ID name>
Profession:(Some some ideas could be: Pilot, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, farmer.)
Preferred Equipment:
Backstory: (It is acceptable to not remember)
Defining Characteristics: (Optional)
wait the mods deleted the thread!!!
I'm just thankful nobody got banned... Assuming Dacder posts soon anyways. Hopefully that troll got perma-banned.

Anyways, just continue discussion here guys, try to drop the past or this one will get deleted too.
I don't know that Dac is back yet.
So it is possible he got temp-banned is what you're saying? I think it's unlikely, he was being rude but... Not THAT rude...
I mean I don't think he's back from school yet. Or work, which ever it is he has.
Oh, lol, right :P
What happened?!
is it all because of that one guy who was spamming crap and dissing RPs?
Other thread got deleted, move on.

Darkra, to be honest, it was probably because of Dac and I, move on.
Markus... I think it's time to not bring that topic into any more arguments... Wouldn't you agree? This is the first time I saw them delete something in Joeyray's and it was after that huge debate...

..So? Let's get back to discussion and RPing shall we?
good point
That could have been coincidence, maybe the troll posted something really bad and the mod decided to delete the whole thread because it was all just a giant crap hole.

Either way, I agree with you.
No, I have seen deleted threads before. There was a text adventure. And I believe a shop was deleted at one point...
Must have been a really bad TA... Wait, why was a shop deleted?
I'm fine, so it must've been the spammer.
You... switched back! Hurray!

@Markus: The TA was deleted because the Troll Targeting Mechanism (popular topics list) locked on to it, drawing a swarm of Trolls from General.
So... Am I able to sign up?
I believe.
Yes! Throw up a char. sheet, wait for my acceptance then dive right in! I can update you on current plots you can join if you'd like.

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