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Think about it zarkun, how the hell would a mutant sneak from a space station... Unrealistic in and of itself, onto a ship this big. They've been departed for months and nobody, not once, noticed a mutant?
If the mutant stayed in cargo bays and such, then no, they wouldn't. However, if you're applying this question to a mutant, then you'd have to ask the same thing of any stowaway. Why would you not notice a small little boy on a pirate ship that's been at sea for months? It's a question that can't be reasonably asked.
The mutant couldn't just live in the cargo bays. This isn't a pirate ship from the 16th century, the crates are sealed. No stowaway, or mutant, could open the crates to get food. So they'd have to come out sometime.

And even if they could open the crates, there's no way they could seal them again. And even if they could, when the crew goes to unseal them with their special tools and such, you think they wouldn't notice some food missing? If you think about it, it doesn't add up.

Jester, you are going to have to think of something better rather then a super stealthy mutant as a stowaway.
Mark, the crates in those old ships were closed too. And if they only take a little at a time, then the crew won't notice. It's very feasible.
Sure they were closed, but anyone could open them. they were made out of wood and most of them didn't even have locks.
Pirates had locks on everything. You think they actually trusted each other?
"Well, perhaps he could have induced memory upon the people who saw him by a wack to their heads, and he could sneak into the kitchen after hours."
Withdrawing the character.
Okay, thanks for your consideration!

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