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It's a very small and easy timing, but can get massive damage done and in cases where you micro well and catch him off guard can outright kill him.

-13scout (for proxy raks, also to make sure he's expanding)
-17gas (can't remember minute, but timing is more crisp when the timer is at about the 42-46 second mark)
-2queens and immediately inject
-30supply 3rd queen for creep
-once larvae pop from inject, make as many lings as you can (make sure you have the supply) when they are moving across the map they will get speed and you will just attack his natural

That's it. It's that easy

Things to do after:
-Keep making drones and take a third
once your natural is saturated, take 2 gases at your natural, re-take your main gas, re-rally your main hatch to it's own minerals
-double evo and get 1/1, then lair, then bane nest in that order
After that i prefer mutas, but whatever you want works too. Drone and do aggression as you see fit

Reasons for why this timing is so powerful:
-Assuming that he's going for hellions (make sure your scouting drone see's gas going down) he will only have 3 marines in a bunker for defence. If you catch these while they are hunting overlords then he will have nothing.
-Hellions will (assuming the timing is absolutely crisp) be popping out right after the bunker is dead. Hellions are great offensive units, but have nowhere to run when in his own base. if youre lucky enough to kill the first 2 hellions too, then you should just be able to run freely through the base

Feel free to ask any question about anything
i used to do this all the time.
(proof: a thread i made discussing it, EXACLTY a year ago to the day. haha. I started out by making way too many lings, but by the end of the thread I was getting a few more drones and then making a wave of about 20-25 lings, like what life and leenock do regularly)

Even if you don't do damage, you can contest his map control by chasing and running away from hellions so that they aren't outside your base.

however, if the terran builds his bunker in a smart location with no surface area, you will never actually do damage.

this is why you see all pro terrans stopped building the bunker at the front of the natural, and now build it somewhere sheltered, either up against the wall, behind the mineral line, or against the CC, and build their depots to cover the exposed side of it.

I still like that it lets you get a super early 3rd because he cannot commit his hellions when you are running around the map with speedlings, but it hasn't done economic damage for me in a long time.

It's an opening I still consider on antiga shipyard, because the map doesn't give the a good place for their bunker. They need more depots, so not everyone covers the bunker, but they still can.
I use this opening but I usually drone up to 46 and take a third without aggression. Early speed to stop hellions. How many lings are you making, just the initial two injects?
01/07/2013 03:21 PMPosted by MxGDemize
I use this opening but I usually drone up to 46 and take a third without aggression. Early speed to stop hellions. How many lings are you making, just the initial two injects?

yeah. 16-22 depending on if you bank larva or continue droning.

2. If the lings don't do damage you're pretty far behind (and they never really did damage other than a tiny bit of repairing and an scv or 2), the hellion followup completely takes back map control once T hits about 6 hellions - all it takes is a little bit of micro with 6 hellions and you can kill pretty much infinity lings :(

not entirely true unless you let the lings die for nothing. The lings neutralize his hellions to the point where neither player has map control (instead of terran having dominant map control). Hellions can't kill lings when chasing, and when he only has 4-6 he can't commit too deeply or he will get trapped and lose them. Basically you follow his hellions approximately, without ever fighting, and his hellions are "negated". He can't run into your base, he can't deny your 3rd, because doing so would allow you to trap his hellions. it's an active style.

However, I went from always doing this to only doing it very rarely after the queen buff, for a few reasons. Terrans never stop at 4 hellions anymore, so you aren't "forcing" more hellions and delaying his siege tanks by having a zergling presence. They almost always make 10-12 hellions no matter what you do.
and you can take a 3rd without gas, which was very difficult to do before, so there are more economic alternatives. Back in the old days, it was either 2 base, or roach 3rd base or this build (speedling 3rd base). now you can add the "queen 3rd base"

Good bunker placement is all terran needs to defend with minimal losses, and after that it's a game of cat and mouse with hellions and speedlings. Which is not necessarily bad, but not necessarily better than making queens and ignoring him.
This build sounds like it is really good however it seems to do any true damamge you have to get in the main and to do that you need banes which are alittle more all in.
Tried this too, ok adopting it in fact, and it is soooo efective, you can kill a couple of SCV's at the natural Mules if you are lucky, marines destroy bunkers, hellions, denying minig in the natural at least, and if the guy is playing greedy, you can transition in a nice Baneling bust, or Roach Ling, Bling all-in, there is a lot of options ....
Been doing this for a long time. It's not designed to get into the main, and if they let you into the main they really screwed up and lost the game. The goal is to kill off all the SCV's at the natural and force a lift. Out of 20+ games, only 1 player has defended this well, which was my fault for not clearing the watch tower.

It works and it's solid. Basically your trading extra queens for early lings with speed. Creep spread isn't as strong, and the economy is slightly lower because of the larva spent on lings. On most games, the economic set back is offset by the damage done to terran. A few games I've outright won because they tried to save their SCV's and left the wall down long enough to sit a ling on it.
What do you do against the 15 marine timing (CC in to 4 rax pressure) that hits just as your 3rd finishes and you have no banelings? Yeah..thought so.
you see it coming a mile away because you attack him and see him making marines and not hellions, so you get a baneling nest or maybe just flank him with speedlings, since you already have speed.
Early 3rd means late speed. And if you lair and speed you need a nest, which won't be up until you lose the 3rd...THEN you need to find time to get +1 +1......
Just started doing this today, and it is amazing against a 1 Rax CC. I haven't seen a Terran put their bunker anywhere smart so there have been rage quits ^ ^
01/14/2013 09:30 PMPosted by DarKcS
Early 3rd means late speed. And if you lair and speed you need a nest, which won't be up until you lose the 3rd...THEN you need to find time to get +1 +1......

you didn't read his post.

he is basically doing a timing attack with early ling speed. that is not late speed.

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