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Does this shop sell Prismatic Beam Rifles or Anti-matter Warblades? I seem to have... misplaced mine..
xer: this is currently a space station and is a semi RP. so ..... edit your post a bit would ya.

"Zarkun your tie advances should be on their way shortly."
A holo screen appears and I read it. "Your ships have been delivered Zarkun I hope you enjoy."
I nod. "Thank ya, thank ya. I think I shall."
"What's the ships name friend?" I say to Zarkun

"Xer, I have both."
Post in Outbreak Koro, me and Zarkun have been waitin awhile and no offense but many tell me you forget the RPs you're in.
I grin and pull out a data pad. "Unending Death." I show him the schematics. "Athena-Class Dreadnaught."


{Unending Death, 3 ships will be approaching your hull to analyze where they can install the new equipment. And I thank you for choosing K Industries.}
{Affirmative. All batteries are powered down.}
The ships are unseen until they start scanning, the red scanning lasers gathering data on the Dreadnaught.
I nod. "Wonder if the scanners...who am I kidding, of course they were detected."
I grunt a few times arrogantly, "Sure. With M7 Hades class Fade Stealth Generators, nothing sees them until they're too late."
"You don't know much about the original owners of this ship do you? The Grak'oul are literal masters of the shadows, manipulating them to do their will. Nothing cloaked can sneak up on that ship."
Ever so smilin'! "That's why you bend light instead of trying to hide your view from everyone... Much, much more different in my opinion."
"Well, rather than that, we-they, manipulate the invisible matter called Dark Matter. While it's only understood so far as the stealth, use in war, is soon to come..." I say with a grin.

"Well, the scanners are finished. Whats next?"
"Fitting two planetary bombardment cannons on the bottom, and then some Redeemer's on the top."
"Haha, good thing I don't like to ask questions. We'll get them primed and ready by tomorrow." As I speak the ships are joined by bulky, brown/yellow drones who start "editing" the hull for the weapon attachments.
I nod. "Good to hear. Just watch the communications relay and we'll be fine."
"Where the setup is, we won't be going near it." I say with a re-assuring smile.

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