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I nod and lean against a nearby wall, flipping a kunai up into the air and catching it. "Man...forums are so dead during the week."
"I hear that." I am back to work on my Death Head AWS.
"So, how have things been going with you and whatever it is you do outside the Pizzeria?"
"They're going. Yet to find blood good enough to slate my thi-I mean lust, but you know."
I chuckle. "Well, we all find our ways. Well, the ships are done shaping the hull, now they will install the weapons and do all the fun technical stuff. I'd do it myself if it was a fighter or land vehicle. I don't work with large ships... Space Station is enough for me. Hell, 75% of this is storage anyways."
I nod. "I noticed. What, however, is it you're storing exactly? You can't need that much room for weapons that you can make in a microfactory."
"I have a lot of things. Equipment, Ship parts, big-assed weapons like the Redeemer. Got a !@#$-ton of those. And really, a good percentage of the storage are automated production facilities to produce more common weapons and equipment. Like this guy when I finish." I hold up the scope.
"That makes sense. Still, wouldn't seventy-five percent be the factories instead though?"
"The other 10% is the outside over there, another 10% is ship systems, the rest is the shop itself and other crap." I say going back to fiddle with the scope, I put in an orange lens with hexagons all over it.
"Good point. Still, it's impressive."
"Quite." I look at a device on my wrist. "They should be done by tomorrow. Need anything specific, or do you want to just stay a while."
I look at my watch and sigh. "I have something I gotta do in the pizzeria, so send me a message when it's done and I'll come check it out."
As I walk back into the shop area, and leave the top part of the station I call "Watchtower", I polish the large complex-compound bow that I used a bit ago.

"Damn good shot today. Damn good shot." I say, polishing it on the counter.
Reaching the Station, I land in the parking lot and climb out of the N-1, walking into the main show room. "I hear my ship is ready?"
"Yes sir, it is." I say examining the bow. "In the same place it was earlier."
I look it over and nod. "Thank ya kindly. Anything in particular you need? I've got a few...things in my basement I can use to acquire pretty much anything I need, or someone else needs. Just...no dead relatives."
I chuckle, "I have enough of those. Well, I could use a certain... Metal... Either the pure element or something that uses said metal..."
"Name it and I'll see what I can do."
"Eternium. Quite contradictory to my styles, but it's pure state is required for a project of mine... And I also need someone to handle it because if I touch it I die... Well not really, think of Superman and Kyrptonite."
"Anyways, it is a material that I need, and I will wave the fees if you can get me some."

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