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I run some calculations on my wrist PDA and think for a moment. "That's gonna be tricky since pure Eternium is guarded quite voraciously. Shouldn't be too tricky though. Anything else?"
"Nope." I say, sharpening a blade by hand. "Pleasure doing business, as always, friend."
Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't need to do this because my prices are badass as they are.
Still, come down and get a weapon.
I nod. "Give me about two days. I'm gonna need to use some of the more exotic gear I have to get it and get out alive." I head back to my ship and take off, heading for my Pizzeria.
I wave as he leaves.
One of my Drones lands, carrying a large caliber sniper rifle, a round of the ammo in it's hand.
"Well hello there. I see you have a heavy AMR."
The Drone shakes it's head. "No, this is the elite Gravoid Punisher sniper rifle. It fires HE armor piercing rounds, of the .50 caliber kind."
"Very nice. You looking to sell/trade or upgrade?"
"Sell some of our surplus. We don't have enough soldiers to use them all that are trained as snipers."
"I see your conundrum. I do have some troops that I would be willing to give to you. Their loyalty knows no bounds, and are all fearless, expert marksmen. The "Reaper Marksman" are my top men when it comes to long range engagements. They can use any Battle Rifle, sniper rifle, AMR, etc. If not, they can figure it out in a snap."
The Drone shakes it's head. "Master Zarkun also said that he wanted to sell the surplus to someone who would appreciate the weapon. We need not men, but simply to relieve ourselves of the weapons."
"Alright. Anything else, or is it just these for now?"
"A shipment of ammo should be arriving with the rifles. Simply sweep the ship for Xenos and/or face huggers, and then you'll be fine."
"Alright. Thank you very much."

{Soul Reaper Squad Omega, report to the briefing room.}

I then suddenly fall directly downward behind my counter. I go down a tube leading to the Central Command sector of the station.
The Drone makes a note of it for it's report later and leaves, returning to guarding the basement door.
"Alright. So we go in the ship, search and destroy tactic 009-Omega Sierra."

The 5 man team of elite operatives respond with the Shade Gheist salute, then prep their gear for the operation.
The ship arrives later, and the team and I get into a small shuttle, and board the ship.
A Drone greets you at the door. "Welcome. I assume you are the sweep team?"
I nod and that's it. We have full black suits on with white wiring and lights on them. Between the 6 of us, there are Shadowsteel blades, 4SMG's, 3 45. Caliber handguns, 2 Assault Rifles (7.56mm), 2 Lapua Magnum Sniper rifles, a heavy flame thrower and a .65 caliber AMR.

All with chargable shots.

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