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"You will find the cargo on level C on lock down."
"Thanks." I say, then we walk out cautiously.
The Drone watches them walk away and the calls out, "Flamethrower first if you want to live!"
"Scorch", the man with the flame-thrower is in front and shoots a column of fire in the air.

The fire resembled an Eastern Dragon. (Eastern in Earth terms)
Several screeches fill the air as three Warriors leap into the flame and die, and all the face huggers on the ship as well.
"Alright. Execute the battle-plan." They nod, and we split into 3 groups of 2.

Me and Sniper

Sniper Assault

Assault and Flamer
Several Warriors move swiftly towards the back of the bay, likely where the nest is.
Team 1 (Me) moves towards any high ground.

Team 2 moves in with 3, going in slow and low, activating their Fade Modules.
A Warrior drops down from the ceiling in front of Koro, intent on spearing him on it's tail.
I grab the tail, then slam it into the stairs in front of me, then I use my Scimitar and stab it under its head, I move, not sure if the Shadowsteel Fibre will be resistant as the Scimitar's solid metal.

I gesture for my team-mate to go up the stairs. "Move."
Another screech, this one from the back and two armed Drones come in, one with a flamethrower, the other in a suit of Power armor. "Our scans indicate there is a queen."
{Team 2 and 3! Go in loud! Sniper support is here!} The 2 snipers and I overwatch the area on a scaffolding by the entrance. We see-
Exactly as the scanners said, a queen guarded by several Warriors, and the queen was mad, looking for the ones responsible for killing her children. The Drones were moving quickly, killing anything that got in the way that wasn't human.
Wait... This is a shop, what's going on?
I'm receiving a shipment of guns. The shop will be open in a few.

The snipers and I open fire on the Warriors, and when their numbers are thin, Team 2 and 3 move in from the shadows and unleash total hell.
The Queen roars and grabs a sniper, ripping him in half.
My men blast her while her back is turned, opening fire with Charged Assault Rifles, Dual SMG's, my .65 cal, and slashes with polearmes and swords.
A wide sweep with her tail knocks them away, then the Drone in the power armor engages her, pulling her attention away while the other opens fire. "Now is the optimum time for an attack."
I charge my shot for 5 seconds. I aim for the back of her... Neck... And hope she goes down. The other sniper returns fire with snap shots from across the room.

The other men are knocked out, the flamer tosses an incnerary grenade before he goes out.
The round hits it's mark and explodes out her chest, but she isn't down yet, intent on destroying the power armor. With a series of swift attacks however, the power armor takes off her head and incinerates her body with the incendiary grenade's assistance. The Drone with only an assault rifle throws an explosive into the nest and watches it explode, destroying the unhatched eggs. "The shipment is now secure. Thank you for taking the surplus."

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