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My mask unfolds into a collar that covers my neck and some of my chin. "My pleasure. The M.F.S. Units are on the way now."

A line of 5 automated drones that look like SCV's but with black metal and walk, come in and start taking to cargo to the docked ship.
The Drone nods and walks out, returning to the Security station.
In an hour or two, I return to the shop with the surplus gear. I keep half for myself and my men, the rest for sale.

The ship returns to the ship docks under the Pizzeria.
01/21/2013 06:08 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Wait... This is a shop, what's going on?
"I was receiving a shipment that was infested with aliens. It's done though, what can I get you today?"
"I hear you can upgrade the security at my Deli?"
"Yes sir, I can. Looking for guards or weapons for yourself?" I say, polishing a large, Nordic ax.
"Both. I need sensors, guards, weapons, turrets, tanks, whatever is necessary to keep Zarkun from pillaging me." I say with a scowl.
"Sensors check. Guard check. Weapons Check. Turrets Check. Tanks you need to get from Lost Morph. Any specific tech/faction you lookin' for? Shade Gheist? Archons of Steele?" I then spit, "Blade Kings...."
"Whatever you would recommend." I say, shrugging. "You wouldn't mind being paid with a lifetime of free sandwiches would you?"
"If you include me getting paid in gum, then no. Nah I'm jut kiddin' that's fine. I do request at least 5k cred though. But, tell me:

Quality over quantity
or Brute force?"
"Triple the price and I'll take all three!" I say, pulling out my checkbook.
"Well shat... Alright then. I hope your shop is sturdy... That shall be about 15k Credits It should be about 100k, but you're giving my free sammiches so."
I start going to work on a project I was given by Zarkun.

"Now, I need a 7.62 magazine, and some metal."
I open a comm channel to Zarkun: {Hey, what materials are used in this rifle? I need to know what the receiver and barrel are made out of.}
I switch my personal COM on. {Veridium and Trenium, blood metals by nature. Very difficult to come by with out a Blood Letter's help.}
{Well you are the client so...}
{I've already sent some your way. Should be arriving...} A ship lands with the Blood Letter insignia on it. {Now.}
{Thanks.} I walk through the door leading to the "Landing Dome".

I Shade Gheist salute them as I get within a good 5 meters of them.
A Bleeder salutes Blood Letter style (a kung fu bow followed up by a double finger twist over the heart) and brings out the metal. "Shurtugal Zarkun said you would require these."

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