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"Yes I did. Thank you very much for your services." I snap and 2 heavily armored Zer'Atai Dark Templar come and start bringing them inside.

"Suffer well." I say darkly and my long, leather coat sweeps the air as I turn and walk back.

(No that wasn't a threat)
"Bleed long." He turns and boards the ship again, and once all the metal has been removed, he takes off, vanishing into a blood red portal.
I chuckle. "I like those guys." I say to myself as I walk back into the shop area.

"Unload it into the Shadow-Forge. I got some work to do."

They nod, and do so.

I take off my coat, then take off my Nano-Suit and put on a ceremonial tunic, it is black and has silver swirly embossed designs all over it. I put a wooden mask that resembles a skull on and put a hood on.

"Shae'na. Igia sei iin hato."
(Shadows. Guide this one's hand.)
I walk back in the main area, the whole rifle is longer, and a bit bigger. The magazine is larger, but shorter in height. The barrel of the gun is where the main length adjustment is, and it is larger in radius to fit the new bullet caliber.

There is also a rail system on the back for a scope, I have my AWS on it. Thermal, infrared, X-ray night vision, and the regular scope sight with mil-dots. All with up to 20x optics.

{So, whats the status on that pickup?}
I walk into the room with a Stalker on either side of me. "Here. You manage to keep the needle in the stock? That's crucial for the Blood Poison."
"I didn't know EXACTLY what it was so I didn't touch it." I say, changing from my tunic to my armor and black leather trench-coat.

"Changes are obviously significant. I finished my AWS and put a custom-crafted one to fit the metals and textures of this gun on it. I actually, accidentally made it possible to use 5.56 and 7.62 so, have fun. Got total of three 7.62 mags for this. Forged everything with pure Shade Gheist craftsmanship in the light of the moon in my Shadow-Forge. Have fun."
Taking the weapon, I shoulder it, the needle remaining undeployed as I didn't intend to fire a round just yet. I nod. "Still sits nicely. Thanks."
"Good, want to test it in the range? I got some new targets.

Damned idiots, trying to go to the back of my store. I don't kill people who break my rules, I use em as targets." I say, with a demonic laugh.

"Anyways. There's a sign saying where the Firing Range is."
I nod and follow them, the needle going into my arm and taking blood. "This could be fun."
In the room, there are 5 lanes, 4 have men strapped to wooden boards about 10 meters out from the firing booths.
I take booth one and aim down the sight, a red, glowing round appearing in the chamber. "Explosive poison, firing." The round impacts the man and he sits for a moment. "I'd duck if I were you Koro." He screams in pain suddenly before exploding in a bloody mess, each drop carrying the poison to a new host. "Effective for taking out infantry columns."
A black shield forms on the side of my head to stop the tainted flesh debris that was going to hit me.

"Nice, anything else that can do? Want me to raise the distance and add more targets?"
"If you could. Got three more poisons that are used regularly."
The corpses on the boards fall back into the darkness.

The halls light up slightly and at least 2 dozen Zerglings pour in and start scurrying around in a giant area.
Parts of the giant room remain dark.
Another round enters the chamber. "Boiler poison, fire." I fire three rounds into three separate Zerglings, and watch the blood in their bodies literally boils them to a crisp. "So far so good."
"Nice. Test the different sights. The notches are on the right side of the scope."
I nod and set it to infrared, another round appearing. "Marrow melter." I fire and the unfortunate Zergling it hits turns into a useless pile of jelly, then I fire an Explosive round into it and watch at all the nearby ones explode, eventually leaving only a few of them unharmed. "Very nice."
"Damn, if the round velocity wasn't high enough..."

"IDEA! Go on X-Ray, and fire an explosive round in a Zerglings heart!"
I chuckle, loading another round. "The velocity doesn't need to be high for groups. We do our share of assassinations." I pick one Zergling and focus. I squeeze the trigger and the round impacts, killing it and leaving no trace as the blood disperses. I then switch to Xray and fire the explosive round, hitting the heart dead on. "Go see if you can find the bullet in that one near the back."
"I hear that."

I fade, then re-appear by the dead Zergling.

"I don't see it. That's a good thing right?"

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