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I nod. "That's how we do it, Round made of blood. Literally. The clips will be helpful for more standard fights, but when we do assassinations the bullet is our blood, and by the time they do a test for foreign materials, the DNA has shifted to match the victims, so they'll never figure it out."
"Nice, we normally do night ops, but light has never stopped us. We use shadows and darkness to our advantage, if there would be evidence, we make the body... Not a body anymore. Like this."

I compress a dark mist in my hands, making a ball then launch it at the remaining Zerglings. There are just piles of gray or black dust where their bodies lay.

"Or we just absorb their souls and put them into these bad-boys." I say pointing at a Soul Canister I have on my tactical belt. "More veteran Shades don't use em often, we just use pure energies for our shots."
"Interesting." I retract the needle and hand the rifle to the Stalker on my left, who takes it and places it on his back. He is clearly the more experienced, with two Golden bloodlets on his shoulders.
I start back into the main shop area. "Hope you enjoy."
"Trust me, it'll see reproduction and use." I follow, looking over some of the additional weapons. "How's business?"
"Pretty good. Some mercs came by today, sold them some badass guns. They tried to kill me with it, but... Let's just say they can never have children. Ever. I took their credits, they had quite the bit of savings, 100k. Also I did my own hit a bit ago. He screamed like a little %%*%@@!@*. Got 10k from that. How's it going with the Pizzeria?"
"Well enough. Swarm uses too Zergy a setting, so he doesn't have many customers. Most of them come to me. Had some big time business men eat lunch there. One of them didn't make...told him not to eat the Zergling Pie..."
"Haha! Well, I also do hits so, need anyone dead. You know where to find me."

The sign outside and on the wall of the shop change to.


"Oh yeah, I'm going to the "Homeworld" to drop off some things and visit some people and kill some-... Nevermind. If you want to stay and kill some people, you can. If not, leave before the next 5 minutes."
I nod. and turn to the two Blood Letters, who head to their ship and leave. I armor up and add a new Blood Rifle to the normal armament, it resting between the katanas on my back. "I'm ready when you are."
"Awesome. Basically what's happening is... We're going to be under attack."

I lead him to the command-room. A map of the dark planet Omniterra is on screen.

"The Blade King's finally mustered up the balls to try to attack us. They will arrive a little before we do. They won't expect to be flanked by a giant space station that they wont even see for the first few minutes, and those minutes are crucial."

The map shows when the Blade King Templar Armada warps in. 4 Frigates and a Capital ship.

"There are 4 Heavily armed Blade King Battleships, guarding the main Siege ship here. The "King's Blade". This thing will be charging a massive beam, while assaulting the shielding on the planet with large amounts of missiles. The Battleships are meant to block any interceptors, and hold off our massive Dark Reaver, The Cerberus.

We come in, then launch 3 teams to the main ship, One is dark templar, the others are my Elite Dark Operatives. The last is us. The dark templar are meant for harrassment, the Operatives are to disable comms and deal damage. We are meant to blow the !@#$ out of the face of the universe.

Then, when that good stuff is finished, the Dark Reaver and the rest of the ships can finish them off along with all the orbital defenses."
I nod slowly. "I can see one flaw with this plan. And that's that while they won't be expecting us, don't you think they'll be expecting an attack on the main ship?"
"That's what the frigates are for. They are meant to hold back the attack on the main ship. It will be a Dark Reaver, orbital defenses and bombers mainly attacking. We'll warp in a ways away behind them, insertion teams go in, then the station starts blowing !@#$ up with some toys I put on this thing."
I nod. "Still think they'll be expecting some kind of boarding party, but probably not us." I check my weapons and chuckle darkly. "I'll feast well today."
"Well, that's why I have optical, and sensory cloaking. They won't detect us until we're inside. Maybe not even then. But it'll be too late by then because I have some zealous warriors willing to do some damage to the hull before we go in. Think, Old Earth Japanese Zeroes. But with nuclear bombers..."
"Bit extreme, but should work."
I walk out of nowhere, in the same suit used in the battle at the Pizzeria.
"Where do you guys want me and the Mercenary Mutants?"
"Yep. Okay, the fleet just warped in." The map displays what is happening. The Frigates are large, and the Siege vessel dwarfs them. The Dark Reaver nearly dwarfs the Siege Vessel though.

"I really wish the Blade Kings didn't launch a bunch of Disruptor missiles and lasers like little b!tches. Otherwise the Reaver could have just taken them all out..."
"They know how to counter your men. That's why they finally feel confident enough to attack." Three Bleeders, four Stalkers and a Juggernaut appear behind me. "We of the Blood Letters will remind them why they fear you though." One more uncloaks, a Ripper, armed with two great swords and vicious claws on his hands with a rocket launcher on each shoulder. "Just point the Ripper in the right direction, and he'll do the rest."
"Alright. I want 2 stalkers and the Juggernaut with the Templar. The other 2 stalkers aid the Dark Operatives, Ripper, you are with us.

Operation: Unrelenting Fear is ago in 5minutes. Gear up and meet in the hangar bay."
I nod and turn then stop, he Bleeders, armed with their halberds and Hydra assault rifles waiting. "What about the Bleeders? They can form an independent team if needed, and hold their own well enough."

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