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I think. "Mutants and bleeders together. Jester, your choice if you want to come with us or them."
"I'll keep with the Mercenaries. They need someone to keep them from walking into a trap." A roar of laughter is heard from them, and guns click as Flak Cannons and E.L.E.R.D.S. (Excessively Large Explosive Rocket Delivery System) are prepared to kill.
The three Bleeders look at them and nod approaching Jester. "We are yours to command, but do not stop us from partaking of our fallen foes blood."
"Well, do the damage you can with the Bleeders. You'll be going in with the Templar and be Shock Troopers. Go in, f*ck sh!t up, get out. Dark Operatives and the Stalkers/Juggernaut will be destroying key ship systems. And me, Zarkun and the Ripper will be taking out Comms, then take one prisoner, destroy the bridge then life support."
I perk up at the mention of a prisoner. "And the purpose of the prisoner?"
"To torture the little wretch who has the audacity to attack my home-world. I will rip his !@#$%^-*s out and put them in his eyesockets. But first I'll make him watch as I cut off his limbs and make him wobble around in the pool of his own blood and make him eat his own teeth. I'll finish him by making him choke on his own blood, but I won't kill him like that. I'll make his greatest fear become real to him, then let that kill him as he is a helpless stub lying in a pool of his blood.

He won't physically see it. But his mind will know what it is. And his greatest fear will be the last thing he sees..."
I chuckle, drawing a katana as blood starts dripping from the tip. "Rather than his greater fear, find those most dear to him and dismember them slowly, and painfully, in front of his eyes, helpless to save them, then when you're done killing them, put them in a pie and force feed it to him, make him chew and swallow each bite slowly, then, slit his throat as he remembers the deaths he just witnessed, and the thing he just ate. He'll die in more pain than that which his greatest fear can cause."
"True, bit I wish I had already thought about that because they're already warped in and his family is probably on their homeworld "Kingdom" and that's a ways away. So my plan will have to do. I'll remember that one though. Alright. 2 minutes guys. Get to your Shadowmere's (Dropships)."
I nod and head towards the ships, the Ripper following me. "There must be a way..."
I shake my head listening to them. I signal to the troops under me to move out, and the overall amount of Mercenaries brought fills up three drop-ships. On one of them, the Mercenaries are singing out loud. Another, they chatter excitedly to one another. And in the one I am in, it is almost dead silence. I feel a tap on my arm (More like the suit detects someone interacting with it) and I hear the Mercenary say "They usually like this?"
"Usually." I say, deploying twin Chain-guns.
The Bleeders follow Jester, remaining standing near the loading ramp, silent, but intimidating.
I walk in the ship and sit in a dark seat in the center of the wall at the end. In shadows.

The Operatives sit quietly and assess their allies while remaining silent.
The Ripper and I walk on, him barely making it, and I take a seat near the ramp. The Stalkers and Juggernaut go to their assigned ships.
I sigh, and turn to the Bleeders. "You'll be the first out of the drop-ship with me. And please, don't be idiots, and don't stand in the open."
The most experienced answer him. "We do not stand, so you need not worry."
{Alright guys. Hang on to something. You will feel the G's.} The ship starts to enter Rift-Space.
I remain fairly unaffected as the Ripper remains completely unaffected because of his sheer size. The Bleeders, Stalkers and Juggernaut simply shift their stance.
Most of the Marauders don't bother doing much, as their boots are magnetized to the floor and roof of the drop-ship. I don't change my stance, for my suit weighted too much for it to even be bothered.
The Dark Operatives sway with the stations direction, but go back into place quickly.

I sit there and my Exo-Suit forms around me. "Don't worry. I got Myruka to use her energies to act as the suit's stimulant. Working pretty well right now."

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