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"Well are you SURE you have the surface hunkered down? Also, what about the rest of your forces? I could supply you with many high grade weapons and equipment. And hey, the Protoss got the right idea with blades. Got some metal ones, or some electrical or experimental plasma-blades if you're interested."
"Ah, but the Scourges can never make as big a boom as cannons."
"A few million of them will make a nice bang. Knowing me and my Zerg, a few million is just a drop in the pond."
"Well, individually no... But they're just like Zerglings, they will ruin you're whole day in numbers..."
"Hence why I said a few million of them."
I chuckle. "We've been over this. Your few million versus the Punisher is no contest. They can't beat Thermonuclear."
"Ah, yes, but who says I don't have a way to shoot it down before it gets close enough to wipe the brood out?"
"It's an anti air weapon. I can see one round, but not the thirty that would undoubtedly be following, not all the rockets."
"And lets compare the size of said rockets v.s. the size of Scourges. Oh, and lets not forget the speed of them."
"Who said the rockets were for the Scourge?"
"You may want to be more specific than 'sniper.' He sells weapons, not people."
"I know dude. What manufacturer would be nice. (I do have custom faction weapons, like the SHA - Ripper.)."
"Alright. Grand total of 5000 Credits."
*I approached within the compounds of the store, wearing a fedora and wearing glasses... Having a suit on as well. Three others came in with me, our vehicle was parked outside.*
I want four Thompson s.
"A lot of old earth guns today... Alright, let me finish this guys order."
I look the four over as I leave. "That sounds an awful lot like a mob hit."
*I look at Zarkun and give him a nod with my hat*
"Nonsense... I'm just going on a business trip.

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