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We arrive. {Alright Jester. You're up first. Go into one of the holes in the big, blue and black ship.}
{10-4. Vanguards, Sentinels, and Bleeders, lets roll! Shoot to kill!} I speak over the communications channel. I hear the roared response from the Mutants, and the ships' engines flare and speed toward the hole. My drop-ship arrives first, and I get out first.
4 Dark Templars start cutting down guards and tear through automated defenses.

{Stealth Insertion team, launching soon.}

The Dark Operatives just prime their rifles and fade.
The Bleeders follow, moving in three different directions and tearing through the enemy with ease.
The ship launches, and we are behind them. We land in the hangars. Empty for the guards have left to defend against the first wave, and the crew are hiding.

"Team, go to the objectives. Zarkun, Ripper. On me." I conjure a black and red longsword with 2 blades on one hilt. (Think like daedric longsword but a little smaller.) In the other hand I hold my black .45 revolver.
I charge into a large group of them, and their weapons automatically jam on themselves due to a special module on my suit. The twin Chain-Guns open up, mowing them down with little effort. The Mutant teams deploy around the room and begin to cause damage as much as they can, and I am forced to get them back in line by tossing an enemies head at one of the squad leaders.
I nod and the Ripper steps out, looking for enemies. "Koro, you mind directing the poor guy to a fight zone? He's...jumpy when he goes without fighting too long."
The Dark Templars meet back up with them, and guide them towards the crew quarters.

Soon the lights go out and the dim, backup lights constantly flicker. Oxygen levels decrease to 75%.

I lead us down a hallway. A guard wakes up, and points his gun at me. I smack him with the side of the blade, then impale him to the wall with the blade then look deep into his eyes.

"Pray that you're comrades don't die the way you do." Black tendrils come out of my back and tear him to shreds. Gore painting the hallway.

"C'mon. There's a guard room up ahead. Be ready."
I nod and draw my katanas, the tips dripping with blood again and the helmet envelops my head. "Let's do this."
"Ripper. Bust the door down and have fun." I say with an evil smirk.
He nods and rips the door out of it's holding and walks in. Screams can be heard shortly after.
I drag my sword on the ground and walk in. I see the carnage, then I join in. Shooting and slashing. Firing and slicing. Discharging, and stabbing.
I leap in behind Koro, cutting down the Kings. "This is too easy."
"Well, this is just the Guard Room. The Barracks will be the fun part. And that's just above us." I start towards the stairs.

Heavy Armored men come down the hallways to Jester and the Shock Trooper wave
"Sounds like fun." The Ripper and I finish the blood and follow, waiting for the next fight.
I fade and gesture for them to wait. I place a charge on the door. "Take a step back. This may damage you greatly."
I rush straight into the Armored troops, my Chain-guns shifting into Energized Blades. Specifically, Energized Chainsaw Blades. I lash out, cutting through their armor like it was paper against Katana. I was a berserker, slicing and dicing through the armor while the Mutants engaged from range. My helmet sealed, and a eight-pointed star was on the center of the mask, with no visible visor.
The Bleeders drew their Hydra assault rifles and fire, the rounds piercing the armor with ease.
The men are joined with mechs and even... A tank. Not a MBT, a Light tank, but it will still deal some damage as it fire a 50mm staticly charged round into Jester

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