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In a feat of durability and dexterity, I grab the round out of the air, and slam it into my suit. I jet-pack through the smoke, sawing of the legs of two mechs before stopping in front of the tank. Its pilots didn't even have time to react before the tank was flipped over and the bottom cut straight through. I jet-pack back, and a barrage of E.L.E.R.D.S. Rockets lash out, drowning the hallway with super high-explosive ordinance.
Two of the Bleeders Blood Step behind the two remaining mechs, their halberds tearing them and their pilots in half. The third dispatches the damaged mechs.
The door explodes and any soldiers in front of it are dead. I go in and behead 3, then take cover behind a crate and fire my revolver at them. The dark rounds piercing them immediately.

The reinforcements are halted for a moment, giving them time to recuperate.
I roll behind a crate and fire my MP while a rocket flies from the Ripper's rocket launcher. "This is rather entertaining. Need to do it again some time."
I required no break, charging straight down the hallway into where the enemy was rallying.
{Sentinel and Vanguard teams 1-6, hold position and keep enemies from re-enforcing. Teams 7 and 8, advance and engage. If you start getting taken out, fall back.}
Affirmatives ring out over the channel, and I smash through a mech into the hostile Rally Zone.
"I'm pretty sure the Nokar will show up eventually."

My hand drives to the ground and tendrils come up from the ground in various places and take out 8 Footmen.

You reach a large, very large blast door made of 6inch thick neo-steel. What lies behind it is a mystery. But this is leading to the Engineering Core of the ship.
I spin around one and thrust my katana through his heart. "Should be interesting then."
"Those guys make the Zerg look like kittens. Luckily their leader Vorcha doesn't entirely hate humanity and only attacks when he needs to do something."

I jump over and then unleash a combo of slashes, and stabs through the crouds of soldiers, then take cover behind a room's doorway.
{This is Jester, I'm further back into the ship. Can someone give me a location to engage? I'm being blocked by a vault door, and I haven't installed my Multi-tool yet.} I radio, with the teams 7 and 8 of the Mutants taking positions nearby.
The Bleeders follow, readying their halberds in anticipation. I nod. "Works for me, long as they don't," I long red slash erupts from my katanas, killing a large group of soldiers, "get in the way." The Ripper roars in a beastial way and slashes through several men with it's claws, grabbing one and ripping him clean in half.
{I see you're by the Engineering Core (burst of shots hitting a wall, then louder shots being fired), try to take out their engines, or something. It has some-son of a !@#$%! I'll RIP YOUR SKULL OUT OF YOUR HEAD! (screaming) Yeah, just do that.} The comm ends with pained cries for help.

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I spin the blades and parry a slash from one of the Kings, kicking him back and draining his blood with a look, my mask's eyes glowing brightly from the surge in power. "You'll feed this hunger well, Blade Kings. Fear the Blood Letters!"
One is left. He tries killing me by spraying a whole magazine of elecrical rounds. All the ones that actually hit, are blocked by darkness around my body.

I smack the gun out of his hand, then grab him by the neck, then slam him to the ground. I grab his face then a white essence comes out of his eyes and mouth and goes into my hands.

I absorb it. "Fun. The bridge is one level up, and guess what?"
"We're gonna take it. I don't see the point in destroying it, none of the weapons stations are there."
"Alright. Actually. What we can do. Is take over the ship. The re-outfit it and use it. But, we're still killing the Admiral in a very terrible way. And you know what. I won't kill him here. I am going to "Kingdom", finding his family, grinding them up and making him eat it and there will be one bone in there thats just big enough to make him choke and die while I tell him what he just ate for his last meal. Also there are a sh!t-load of guys up there. Tanks, mechs, heavy infantry, automated defenses, and some drones."
The Ripper heads for the door eagerly and I chuckle. "We have a Ripper. I think we win."
"Yep." The ship starts to rumble. "I love Ion Cannons. Okay, lets go."
I nod and head out the door. "I figured there'd be more of a fight. Guess I was wrong."
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