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We find ourselves in a giant hallway. Wide enough to fit 5 heavy tanks.

And that is what we find. 5 Templar Shield Tanks(Templar being the name of their Armor division), with about 3 platoons of infantry standing by them with sandbag fortifications. Overhead are light assault drones, with point defense lasers (So no missiles or heavy projectiles, no exceptions), mini-guns and AP-Rockets, and a King of War mech. (Think Odin size). With .50 cal MG's on the shoulders and twin 225mm static charge cannons and a giant 500mm cannon on the back.
The Ripper looks at me and I nod. He charges forward as I pull my Blood Rifle from my back and start picking off light assault drones so that the Ripper could use his Destro rocket launcher on the tanks.
As the battle rages on a small merchant vessel designated "The Fallen" breaks through and lands by the weapon shop a truck proceeding to the shop and I march out clad in dark blue War pig armor and walk up to the front door, it's open.

"Hello?" I yell, no one answers but I move into the shop and look at the various weapons.
A Dark Templar appears behind the counter in a mist of darkness.

"How may the shadows serve you this day?"

The drones are very quick and dodge the rounds. The tanks start shooting 87mm Disruptor rounds at us.

"Decrease stimulant! 25%!" The armor glows a slight red hue and seems to get a bit thicker as I charge forward. The large claw on each arm glows... Black. As I charge it.
I place the Blood Rifle back on my back and pull out my MPs, shooting down three of the drones before holstering them and drawing my katanas, cutting the rounds in half as I charge forward, a red aura surrounding me.
"Uh I'm just looking for a standard C-14 Rifle, along with a bayonet attachment and a M-92 Mantis with an extended barrel if you have it."
I touch my comm unit on my ear.


"1000 credits, friend. Is a 9inch shadowsteel blade formidable?"
"I'll say it is good sir, is the ammo on the house or am I gonna need to buy in bulk?" I say as I stare at the Dark Templar behind the counter, it is almost paralyzed it seems no motion nor sound emitting from it...
"You will receive 5 magazines with each gun. The rest must be bought."
I cut down another light drone and look around, but am forced to avoid another sword from a Blade King, keeping me from taking a final count. "Koro, how many are left?"
"42 Footmen, 29-... 28 Heavies, 8 mechs, 3 drones and 5 tanks." I say slashing a group of men."
"I'll get the rest of the Drones." I leap up, finally seeing them, and Blood Step, reappearing behind the mechs as the last three drones explode. "Ripper, now!" An acid rocket flies from the Destro Launcher, slamming into a tank and turning it into a puddle of metal. The two tanks on either side were following it slowly.
As I left with the appropriate amount of credits in the hands of the ominous Dark Templar the merchant ship accelerated to the fight, only be maybe around the quarter of the size of the siege vessel the crew looked on with awe and terrified speculation of what the vessel could do to their only recently purchased ship.

"Captain Image! One of the frigates is on an intercept course with us! They are demanding we prepare to be boarded and searched, what do we do?" said the helmsman.

"Spin up all port gun batteries, make sure that when they are broadsided with us to put up the shields to the maximum levels and hail them to leave us be or they will be fired upon." I said in my Captains throne while contemplating strategy. (Sorry for long post...)
They're fairly normal.
OOC: don't want to interrupt but Zark is it time for us to strike?
Now or never, mi amigo. DO EET.
I see fighting outside with a frigate and a smaller ship. "Guess someone's helping us?" The King of War mech starts to fire its main cannons, I use its stupid size to make it take out 2 friendly tanks.
I note it and shrug. "Looks like it." I leap over another BK and come down, cleaving him in half. The Ripper engaged a Mech, destroying it with his bare hands and moving on to the next one.
"Fire all port weapons!" I yell as the modified merchant ship let's loose a giant volley, colliding with the unsuspecting frigate, the sides the firgate shining blue with their shields and a giant volley in response came at us, the bridge shook with the shields faltering and a few shots hitting the armor, "Divert all secondary power systems to port shields and tell the gunnery crews to reload faster!"
I dont think you realize the size of these ships. They're holding back a giant ship thats bigger than a moon...

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