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Good sir my ship is also big, granted not as big as the frigates but about maybe quarter of the size of the Kings Blade, you said the Kings Blade dwarfs the frigates so I suspect my ship would be around half the size of one and it is fitted with big guns, as a Q-ship is generally used for what I just did, they look harmless and people don't suspect the amount of firepower crammed into them. Will I be able to take one out? Most likely not but damage it in the least I believe. Nonetheless I apologize for the misinterpretation, and will edit my post to accomodate it.
Alright, just know that it's Blade Kings. And the main Siege Ship is much larger than the frigates is what I meant. The frigates themselves already being incredibely large (Think Halo just a different shape and a tad bit bigger) And the siege ship is massive. (Like Covenant Super-Carrier large) and the Dark Reaver can't even go into a planet due to its size. Just to give you an idea.
I fire my main-plasma cannon and hit the King of War mech. It damages the cockpit but the pilot get's pissed off and brings out the 500mm cannon from its back and aims at us with an HEAP round.

The Ripper obeys, but I grin. "Watch this." I run towards it, ready for the shell.
The shell fires with enough velocity that it breaks the sound barrier once it fires. The static coating makes a beautiful and deadly flower of electricity as it spins towards him.

I board on of the tanks and kill the crew without any of them noticing.
I grin and slide to a stop, blood energy charging the blades and I knock the shell upwards into a spin. As it comes back down, facing back towards the King of War mech, I leap up and round house kick it back. "Merry Christmas, mother --" The following explosion cuts out the rest of my comment, but the results are satisfying. "Seems their mechs can't handle their own weapons."
My tank flies forward from the explosion and you see me slip out of the hatch. It lands on me, but I toss it to the remaining soldiers.

"Wait for it..." A black explosion is seen and all the men are clouded in it. One man crawls out, his bones are black and the smoke comes out of his esophagus. His black hands with small bits of flesh remaining on them hold his throat as the smoke and some black liquid pour out of his mouth.

"Suffer well..."
"Well, I'd say we're about done here."
"Bridge is passed the wreckage and passed the door behind the wreckage. Well, we gotta go up an elevator but whatever. Let's go on top of the elevator and then ambush the guards that are most likely going to rush in on us."
I nod and the Ripper comes out, holding two dead bodies and draining their blood. "At this rate, we'll be finished in no time."
"Sections 19-21 have been voided sir! Gunnery crews 5-9 also were voided." the helmsman said as he kept typing on his station. "All non-essential power systems also diverted to port shields, should hold out for a few minutes of bombardment, scans also report the enemies shield generator has taken damage from our first volley!" The ship lurched again as the operation gun batteries fired another volley.

A officer stood up ready to report, "Sir! We have scans of enemy drop pods on course with us, trajectory has been coordinated, should we deploy fire teams to the areas?"

I shuffled a bit and replied "Yes make sure the teams open fire the first second the craft open."
The pods are destryoed, but 5 space-craft have that heavy shielding and 3 of 5 manage to board you. The men guarding the Hangar bays are killed by the dropships' "Thunderstorm" lightning cannons.

"Yup, lets get in the elevator, go on top. Ripper, go in and make it seem like you surrender. Let em come inside. Then we unleash hell. Do not kill this man." I send them the mental image of the Admiral.
"Alright get Fireteams Charlie through Gamma to guard the blast doors leading from the hangar, and have Hotel through November squads cover their retreats if they do, and get a !@#$%^ engineer to the hangar blast doors to seal them!" I yell with a chorus of yes' returning.
The Ripper nods and steps on. I look at Koro. "You sure this'll work?"
"Yep." I say fading and opening the elevator and opening the hatch and sitting on top.

Activity stops.
I follow and leap up, landing next to Koro, and Blood Misting from sight.
The Ripper presses the button. And we go up. The elevator is fast and goes up quite a distance. It stops and I get tossed up a few inches.

"Heavy Armor my @ss.. Wait... I made this..."

The door opens and 5 Honor Guards with Crimson Lances (Gun-Rifles that shoot fire rounds and have lances under the barred) are standing in front of the Ripper. They have the armor of a Tank, Shields of an Archon, agility of a Ghost, and the purging fire of a Firebat and Colossus.

"Don't move or we fry you. Infidel..."
Grinning manically, I look at Koro. "Now?"
I am no longer next to him. 2 guards lay dead on the floor and one I have in my arms, I hold dark energy close to his face.

"I'll do it, I'll make you watch!"

The men try to burn me but then Zarkun...
I drop down, sweep kicking one and dropping him to the ground and bring up a katana, cleaving the other in half from his nads to his head. Turning to the other, I grin before ripping the blood from his veins, absorbing it into myself. "How's that?"

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