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"Thanks." I grab my hostages face and his flesh falls into a black goo and his skull is bare, and black.

I walk in with my pistol. "Okay people, game time is over, go back to your false kingdom and do whatever the fack it is that you do." I say that, walking to the Admiral's chair and shoot a crewmember just because I can. I turn it and the Admiral is gripping the arms of the hovering chair and has the look of fear on his face. "Come with me." I walk and then throw a red crystal on the floor and a red vortex opens up and I drop into it.

{I'd get out of there some how, my team placed a bunch of charges in the reactor chamber and other places and big boom happens in about 5 minutes.} I say on the hacked intercom.
I look at the Admiral and shake my head. "Bleed long, fool." Turning, the Ripper and I step into our red portals, stepping out in the Weapon Shop. {We're clear, but something tells me that the attack wasn't the Admiral's idea. He seemed to not know anything based on his blood song.}
{Well, he's still a fool for being manipulated. I don't know who would want to do that... But oh well.} A click i heard before I cut off, then the ship blows up in a massive blue explosion. The station had left a bit before, and all my allies. The frigates were left commandless and left to their home.

I set out on my journey to Kingdom, I managed to breach their Orbital Blockade easily. I retrieved the man's family and then a portal opens up near Zarkun (I'm assuming at the Pizzeria?)
(Yus.) Shaking my head, I portal to the Pizzeria, setting up for another day.
The station now orbits around the dark planet of Omniterra. Everything is peaceful once again, and I am open once more.


Choose your side!

The Strong electric power of the Blade Kings!

Or the Dark, stealth of the Shade Geists! All items under these factions are now 75% off!
As the Blade Kings fleet had left the system the boarders upon The Fallen remained, they were down to to around seventeen men, Charlie through Gamma squads had pressed them back to a storage wing, Squads Victor and Whiskey had been sent to get them out, with me leading them.

As we turned a corner into another hallway of the wing the whole thing was covered in det charges, running as fast as our limbs would take us we were mere feet away from the door when the ship rocked with explosives going off, the wing detached and two men were sucked away from Victor squad while I never saw Whiskey's men again. I inhaled sharply and let out a sigh, only for the blaring sirens to go off and the helmsman to report to me over comms.

"Sir the damage sustained in the fight requires extensive repair we're docking with the planet below."

"Alright, find me a good engineer then."
The station hails them {Hey guys. I know you've helped us out. Come to the station and get some Upgrades. Buy our tech, for 50% off!} A man says to him.

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