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I reform and consume all the ammunition and gunpowder.
*The same thing repeats and the contents that SF ate were spilled out onto the floor. We sped off once more*

Koro... You need to invest in some security... I know, make it where if they eat something they blow up and they can't be reformed so then we use a Soul Crystal on him.

That's right... He's 14.
"I have a Dark Templar guard, and myself. You guys keep stealing my F*CKING THUNDER!"

"I'm going to lower that age to 13 and up. So I can be generous..."
"Well, lets be honest, you are really slow." I say, leaning on the wall with an Incineration Cannon on my back. humming.
"Are you talking to me? Sir?"
I shake my head. "Similar function, only larger clip and...more than one dead at a time, maybe have it ricochet until three or more are dead."
"Naw, I'm talkin to the wall." I gesture to it, but sarccasm was obvious in my voice.
"You can buy something. Cut the !@#$. OR leave. Your choice."

The Dark Templar stands behind him. And I aim a .50 caliber rifle at him.
My Incineration Cannon aims at Koro, and behind me, a clone splits off from my mass, regenerating and drawing two psi-blades.
"One shot and this whole building disintegrates. Just ask zarkun. These things are not fun." I say, using psionics to form a shield to block incoming rounds.
I sigh. "If that's the way it has to be..."

I grab Zarkun's rifle and blast it at Jester, destroying his shields and my Dark Templar smashes his head to the ground, making him drop the cannon.
My clone cuts the DT in half with his blades, and grabs the Cannon. It aims, and fires on the walls, blowing up all the weapons and ammo.
Before the round connected, I bounce it back at the clone, killing him instantly. "Don't underestimate me." I then drop kick Jester into a brick wall across the street.
The splash does hit some things.

The DT merely fades, and It all instantly rematerializes. "Fun right?" I charge at him with incredible speed, and destroy the clone with my .50 caliber revolver and slide behind him in the sleeper hold with the gun at his temple and knife at his throat.

"Let's try this again." I say, my foot keeping his hand down and unable to shoot again.
Retrieving my rifle, I lean it against the wall and focus for a moment, shifting armors to a more speed and melee orientation. Drawing my twin katanas, I look for trouble. "Blood?" The mask on the armor had red eyes and my tone of voice suggested I wasn't in my right mind just then. But, when am I ever?
I blink straight out of his hands, and re-appear with another Cannon in-hand. The other one ziips straight to my off-hand, and I shake my head, not a scratch on my body.
"You are really rude. All I did was make a simple comment, and you threaten me." Another barrier forms, and I disappear from all forms of sight.
My blades flash and both cannons fall apart. "You forgot hearing and smell." I spin and slash, Jester falling in half. "He should be fine in a few minutes. Until then, I need to find SF. He has lots of blood."
I fire bolts of darkness at the halves, making them decompose.

"Make that a few hours. He's pissing me off right now. Come into my store, and fire at me..."
I cough, and laugh, throwing my voice around the room. "You missed, by the way. And I didn't fire until I was fired upon, so technically, you created the hostilities."
I fire a bullet at him. "Your sh!t cloaking does nothing to my eyes."

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