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"Really?" I lick my blades. "I know the taste of your blood well by now, and that is the Original's blood, not a clone." A kunai whips out, cutting Jester's arm. "You can't hide from me."
The bullet impacts against the wall, and I chuckle again. "This was designed for a reason. And it isn't cloaking, merely something more natural." The blade passes through thin air, and I chuckle again.
I shoot a psi net at him, disabling him from any use of psionics. I kneel down to his face. "Have a nice day." I say with a smile and he is teleported off the sector.
I tackle Jester, sitting on his chest. "Just apologize to the man and then help me find SF. I need blood."
The teleport is interrupted.
I chuckle again. "Honestly, cute tool, but you still completely missed. I'm not using psionics, never have to cloak myself. Try again. Next fail, and the entire block of yours goes straight into the sun. And why should I say sorry to him when he is the aggressor?"
I appear again. "OK so i'm a little late but I was hungry and my comp wouldn't be nice. Koro keep the gun store I'll just make a Vehicle and Warbeast store. I was actually thinking of converting into a Vehicle and Warbeast store anyway .... gonna just make a new Store though. I'll send you most of my stock. You are not getting my Elerian tech though that is still to rare and ... special." I walk off to start making the new store.
I sigh. "You pointed an Incineration cannon at him. Do you blame him for fighting back?" I remain where I am, sharpening one of my swords.
"He pointed a .50 cal at me, and his DT was threatening me. Do you blame me for responding in such a way?"
"I believe there was a threat before he did that however. So in all actuality, no one was right. Just leave the guns aimed at the true foe," I hold up a picture of a certain catling, "and we'll be fine."
"Okay. I'll go first. Sorry for being paranoid."
"He still was the aggressor first, not I. I made a sarcastic remark, and he pointed his gun and pet DT at me." I removing a cloak around me, with the cloak being made of materials that bent light. "I have nothing to be sorry about, for the only err I have caused was being myself."
"Just say it. Your sarcastic remark could have been threatening." I chuckle. "Not to mention I'm not moving until you do."
"He asked who I was talking to, and sarcastically replied the wall. I don't know how any of that could be perceived as a threat."
"Well I'm paranoid. And I gave you some decisions. And you chose the bad one. By threatening me in my own GUN store. With a GUN."
I walk in and look puzzled at the carnage I see. I ignore the two customers who appears to be engaged in a cowboy standoff and see the clerk.

"I am selling some old weapons. They are still very serviceable."
"You threatened me first, and you aimed your gun at me. The only fault here is yours, especially since I was planning on buying something. But now, for that aggression, I will not buy anything, and rely instead on the bio-factories, trans-dimensional travel, and the forges of the various races." I shake my head, and blink out of the building.
I put a kunai in Jester's eye right before he blinks and another through Koro's throat, flipping up into the air, over the warp blade, and avoiding the DT's attack and wounding him with a slash across the chest. "Will you two knock it off? You sound like a married couple."
zarkun, I'm out of the building and already away from it. You kinda are attacking someone no longer in the building.
"You sound like my mother. And it's my store anyways." I say with a shrug. And pull the Kunai out of my throat.

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