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Landing, I sigh and look at smylez. "Koro, I think you have a guest."
"I came in at the wrong time didn't I?
"It's fine. Are you buying or selling, friend?"
"Selling. What will you take for a electromagnetic mass accelerator?"
"Hmm. Tell me what it does and ill determine."
"Well it's simply really. This weapon can be outfitted in capital ships. You accelerate something at an extremely high speed and it will result in deadly penetrating force. Depending on the length of the barrel and the amount of energy used to power the machine (of course, the ammunition used matters too), you can punch a hole through a lot of things. I won't recommend trying that on suns though."

"This one is at 75 meters in length and the diameter of the barrel can be adjusted from 10-20 meters. The only drawback is that energy consumption is huge as well as recharge time. But this can be alleviate with proper realignment of fuel cells."
"10k sounds good? Or do you want a few heavy shield generators?"
"I'll take the generators."
A Elerians appear carrying a few crates. "This is TLM's stock from his previous Weapons store." They set the crates down.
"Alright, and where should I deliver this to? Also I need 250 for the shipping."
"Thank you very much. I'll give you some parts I have lying around."
"Oh god, Pizzeria's and Gun Stores. Things have progressed faster than I expected."
"Also an incoming vehicle shop!"
"Actually, the vehicle shop is open."
Don't forget about the Grand (Re-Re) Opening of the Arena tomorrow.... Going to make it interestin' where all of us have a Gladiatorial Persona. >:3

That is if you want one of course.
"I'll supply the weapons!"
"I'll supply some vehicles and perhaps some animals for fights."
"I already called food, and I assume he retains the agreement with Zanon on drinks."
Closing the shop for the night. Pretty sleepy.
*Pink Panther theme plays again as I sneak in and stand at a podium*
Actually.... Each contestant will be using their own weapons... but they can very well buy it from here. They just need to be fair and not OP during the fights... People watch this for entertainment, not for it to be over by a couple of posts.

And Morph!! That will be good... But I will say this.... No one shall fight my babies that I made... The Slyvan's I just love.

But I could throw out those weird freaky Minotaur like looking people thanks to Aquila et Umbram experiments that cost a lot of money. SF "Borrowed" one for Xer's initiation... Let's just say it backfired and the beast got him instead of Xer.

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