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I open the shop, my new Mantis Guards stand on either side of the door. MY Dark Templar friend is joined by 2 others Dark Templar and I have a few other surprises for anyone who wants to mess with me...


(For those of you who dont play Halo...)
I bring up my demonic looking, Shadowsteel Sword, Fade, through a mist of darkness and start to polish the pure black metal it is made of.
*I hand over my Tommy to the man with the Wolf Visor*
I want you to make this bad boy much, much, much more dangerous and lethal. Work your magic on it.
"What kind of deaths do you like to see? And I'll make it happen."
Big and small, free and enslaved by life. Wrongdoers who will be filled with the lead of my gun.
"So, increased rate of fire and accuracy with the ability to create fire rounds to purge the enemies of justice in rapid, un-missing righteous fire?"
No, not justice... I was in my spasm again. :3
How about round that can create themselves so I can always fill them with lead! And make the bullets pure lead. :3
"Alright, I can put a little something in the magazine to make it a bottomlessclip of pure lead bullets. I'll be back in a few."
I come back a few minutes later with the gun's metal jet-black and the wood is now a chrome-colored carbon-fibre.

The magazine is the drum mag, and it is silver.

"In this magazine, there is an alchemical capacitator that allows you to convert anything into the selected element (And in this case that is lead in the form of bullets). You can even insert materials like metal or large amounts of dirt to convert faster. The materials of the gun I had to change so it doesn't affect the gun itself."

*I take the gun and place down a check for $10,000*
Thank ye good sir!
"Thank you! Have a nice day making rivers of blood!"

I was only going to charge 2500...
I walk in carrying a large rocket launcher with acid filled missiles. "How much can I get for the ZNS Melter rocket launcher?"
"I could get you a heavy All-Purpose Sniper rifle. Or about 7500 credits. And by all purpose. I mean. All Purpose. and each rocket is worth about 500 credits as well."
I nod and two assistants bring in three more large crates of ammo. "I've got a few more cannons too if you want to review them. My mining camp was busy."
"Damn, how many rounds per crate? And you takin the rifle or credits? And what kind of cannons we talkin bout here?"
I think for a minute. "If memory serves, around 500,000 rounds per crate, and the cannons vary from instant barbecue to none existent planet in a few shots."
"Nice. Well all those rounds would cost 750,000,000. Luckily buisness has been going well so I can afford it. So, what do you want for the gun itself?"
I think for a moment. "You got twin heavy shield generators?"
"Yeah. But I don't want to pay a full 750mil, so I'll throw in a "Warlord" Railgun. Capable of taking down a Dark Reaver with one shot, and many planets with 25mil."
I nod, handing him the launcher. "Just watch what you shoot. Some materials amplify the effects."

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