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I nod."I'll just keep this on the roof. I was actually thinking about expanding to the sky or space. Rather than being on the ground."
I chuckle. "That would be interesting."

As I walk out, I look at the announcement. "That was fast."
5 days pass by...

The store is now a giant space-station. The hangar bay being a large shield dome attached to the main space station (also a dome of metal with reinforced glass in areas).

There is a large sign that is a circle that is above the station saying

"Koro's Weapon Shop!"
If you ain't usin' the "K", you ain't havin' a good day!"
Mantis Assault Mechs now armed with my own Defendor Mod, patrol the Parking area along with some hidden surprises.

Just in the next room from there is the shopping area. Looks about the same from the old shop, just more spacey. The rest of the station is defense, movement and storage.
I fly in in one of my N-1s and land, climbing out and nodding to a Mantis pilot. Walking in, I pull out a Men in Black Cricket. "You have no idea what I went through to acquire this."
"I have an idea. So, you tradin' today like always? Or credits?" I say fumbling with a scope-like device.
"Trade. I'm bringing in plenty of creds with the Arena Pizzeria."
"Alright. Have you heard of the Old Earthen idea of an AWS (Adaptable Weapon Sight)?"
I nod. "I have. Never used it, but I've heard of it."
"Well that's what this little guy is." I say holding up the large white metal, and blue electro-fibre wiring and glass script. "Except its more than thermal and night vision. It's regular 10x optics, infrared, thermal, night vision, and my own special- Reaper Vision. It shows vitals like lungs, heart, brain. All that good stuff. Just assembling the frame and it'll be done. I can also get you a shipment of 10 by next week."
"I do believe that'll work. I trust the Cricket will see mass production and sales here in your shop?"
Er... The Cricket as a mass produced weapon? Koro... Don't sell that weapon to any of my contestants.
"Yep. And these AWS's, that I'll call Death Head Scopes, will be a big source of income as well, and those schems you gave to me last week, plus this now. I'll be set for a bit.

And I said only blades and handguns/SMG's... WTF PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!?

(I don't count things like this as Small Arms...)
Um... Technically the Cricket is a handgun... A very, very, tiny handgun.
01/13/2013 09:44 AMPosted by Korozain
(I don't count things like this as Small Arms...)
I didn't see that part because you edited... That's why I was showing you my concern.
Okay. But still I only sell things that are meant to deal damage to flesh like a Gauss Pistol, or a Shadowsteel Halberd. None will have any special abilities unless the customer adds it themselves.

Nothing thats meant to pierce armor or anything AM rated.
I nod. "Good to hear. Now I need to know if you can retrofit an Athena-Class dreadnaught with a few choice weapons I have. Remember some of those cannons I told you about?"

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