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I noticed a lot of the parts I'm chose have a lot of different manufacturer is there a certain kind that is the best? For example right now I am searching for a HD 7970... and there's asus, diamond, etc...
The HIS IceQ one I originally had linked is a high quality one you can trust
I'm sorry if I got a bunch of noob questions for you, but I never really shopped for a monitor or even a tv in my life.
Is HDMI the best kinds of cable for resolution?
What is a good refresh timer on a monitor?
For a PC, stick to DVI or DisplayPort. No benefits to use HDMI on a PC monitor.

"Refresh rate" is pointless on modern monitors. It's in multiples of 60, with most typical being 60. If you mean response rate, then they should be 5ms or below.

You also want to take a monitor with 1920x1080 (commonly known as 1080p) resolution, and that it has a LED Backlighting.
Okay, I think I have everything figured out... I would love it if you could take a look at the final build and point out a few things or recommend anything to change.

I also wonder if I need anything else when it comes to putting this together, like anything that I will come across.
You can spend $300 on a monitor? I'd then recommend something like Yamakasi Catleap from eBay.
One like this?

At first it wasn't my intention to include the monitor with the 1,200-1,300 price...So I'm still hesitating.
If you like your current monitor, then I wouldn't spend money on a new monitor.
Hibachi, thank you for all your help. You've been more than helpful, I know this computer is going to be exactly what I want and more. I can honestly say I couldn't have made it without you! So thank you again!
I made a few changes.
Replaced i7 with i5
Replaced the Samsung Pro 840 256gb to 128gb
Also removed monitor

I had to make this a bit cheaper since my beginning budget was 1,300$
The price of this is about 1,400$-1,500$ if you guys can please help me find areas I can budget around with the exception of the case.


I have about a week before I can order this please help!
If you're going to get a rubber dome keyboard, go cheaper. They're all basically the same.
If not, than go get a coolermaster quickfire (rapid, tk, or pro).

Look for a different case you like that is cheaper.

Do you really need an optical drive?
I thought an optical drive was necessary? Don't I need that to read games/music/dvds etc?
I like the case, but I'll try and find something cheaper.
A lot of the time you are able to pull the optical drive out of an old computer(if it still has one.) and use that.

A lot of people nowadays find little to no use for their optical drives because they download everything from the net, personally I have an optical drive because I like keeping physical copies of the things I buy and because I have no idea what to place in my 5.25 bays.
Yeah I'm like that too, I usually buy my games then register it online...But still have a physical copy. Also, I don't think I have another computer to get one from.
Okay, so I ordered my stuff...Except I changed the graphics card to:
oh on the side note I guess these RAM come with an item I ordered?

Are they any good, or good enough to replace the one I chose?
Hi Shikon! The Crucial Ballistix Sports 8 GB ram is a great memory kits, basing upon these two reviews:
You guys are going overkill with the i7. Get an AMD Vishera. Cheaper and works just as well for SC2.

Plus you'll support a more diverse marketplace.
You guys are going overkill with the i7. Get an AMD Vishera. Cheaper and works just as well for SC2.

Plus you'll support a more diverse marketplace.

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