Can't select type or race to play Quick Match

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When I go to Quick Match the screen comes up telling me to select a match type and race...but there are no choices, the screen is mostly blank.

I saw that there were similar issues back in December that people got around by changing DNS settings, I've already done that and the issue still exists.

Any assistance??
Have been afk for month, back to warm up for HOS

Cant select game type or race.
How to fix this???

• Placement matches may not display correctly.
This issue is under investigation.
Exact same issue. I'm just responding to all these reads till we get some recognition/SOMETHING. Unbelieveable I can't play a game I paid for on my only day off of the week. It's more insulting that they just flat out ignore our threads.
i had the same problem, i live in jordan, anyway, i did what someone recommended in one of the threads, and it worked, here it is:

note that it all got laggy afterwords, but still worked
Tried everything and still no luck!
01/18/2013 10:06 PMPosted by Tirion
Tried everything and still no luck!

This ^
Not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-. This is aggravating!!!
this has been going on for DAYS now... First D3 now SC2...? It's all downhill from when Blizzard got bought out. I can just imagine they execs cutting costs right left and center and looking like legends.
Same for me, I am reinstalling SC2 at the moment to see if that helps at all.
not sure if this helps you guys but i fixed it by just flushing my dns cache and setting my dns to google's secondary,
good luck
change dns settings to google worked for me
Damn, not working for me...
I have the same problem!
same issue, DNS suggestion doesn't work, havent tried host file edit as this would be dangerous for future updates from blizzard.
So much for me buying the expac. I also had the same problem when they released D3 and was shut out of WOW for a while. I even got an authenticator but now still get this crap problem. BLIZZARD YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS. NO OTHER GAME HAS THIS ISSUE, WHY DO YOU HATE PLAYERS IN OTHER COUNTRIES?

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