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NickDaMan's depressing thread got me thinking, so I have created this in a (probably vain) effort to get the "town" built back up.


Doesn't anyone remember how we used to have tons of store threads? The Bar was just a place to discuss RPs (still is), but stores and other attractions were places to have random fun and buy nonexistent items with nonexistent cash.

Therefore, I give you my General Store. Please feel free to browse the selection and stay way from the loading dock, some strange Hydralisks have been hanging around back there.


Milk. Where'd it come from, blah blah blah, etc etc, you know the drill.

Meat. Of virtually every kind. Yes, even that kind. Don't give me that look, I know what you're thinking.

Spectre Sugar. For those minds that taste a little too salty.

Butter and Eggs. Because I remember trying to purchase these from a troll-operated store, and he didn't have them! Granted, his store had been obliterated and he was lying a tthe bottom of a massive crater, but seriously! I won't make the same mistake.

Slaves. Happy to work for no pay, tiny amounts of food and water, and some tender loving care (or a whipping). Uh-oh, boss saw me... HSFOBrfjbdmdnskjfbkjBDKJbadkfjns 7WEAG3IFBKSZBDZSJFNJDFSNDFSDFSFERnbfkhbF

Salves. That's what the previous entry was supposed to say. Last time I have one of my minions write the signs. Heal you and stuff.

Candy Counter.

Hoarhound. Quit snickerin' ya idjits. There is nothing inappropriate about the name.

Lollipop. It's a lollipop.

Popsicle. Refills the creative juices of your mind.

More wares to come.
May I be the pharmacist? C:
"But Smylez is the Medical Mastermind..."
I might need some Spectre Sugar to help me with the Meat thing...
01/09/2013 06:23 AMPosted by ShadowFury
"But Smylez is the Medical Mastermind..."
And Andy ( Wink, wink) was the medical/genetic mastermind... So he beats Smylez and his.... liverish ways.
Spectre Sugar, eh? That's five cred for a ten-pound bag.

It is my hope that this business wil encourage others. Go ahead, SB. If you can protect your pharmacy from Smylez' inevitable raids you have a right to be in business.

And then we wonder why people leave? C'mon guys, get some RP's out there! I wanna join a new one!
There are plenty of RPs to join Mark, you just gotta spot 'em.
"That is getting harder and harder with all the random threads piling on." I rub my chin and think for a minute. Suddenly, as if an idea hit me in the head with a bat, I perk up. "Aha! I have a solution!!"

"Start my own RP!!" *confetti falls from the sky, but crowd boos, taking the moment from me.*


Humanity's Best.


Project Resurrection.

Just a few of the current RPs. And trust me, this place was far more active back in the days of random stores.
"Or, you can join HB or Fade, or CBtS,'re already in the Outbreak revival...just look." I walk up to the counter. "Need three hundred gallons of milk." I lay 500 creds on the counter. "That oughta cover it."
"It is not hard to look for RPs MarkusDaWise. You just need to look harder. Do not worry, the Doctor is still out of town so your wares will be safe for now."
I(3) give Zarkun a look. "Are you, sir, aware of the price of milk these days? Even the cheapest of hormone and antibiotic ridden white sludge costs at least three dollars a gallon, and organic is easily twice that much, though well worth it I assure you."
"Is that human milk?"
Blamed if I know. I get it from the same place Zanon gets his.

I thought this conversation was had once? And HBRB decided...

Ho boy.
I pull out another 500 creds and set it down. "How's this?"
"Hm, well I suppose..."

*snatches credits*

"Grishnik, bring the customer's order to the... uh, the..."

"The loadin' dock, boss?"

(Nervously)"Er, sure. Have Yukchub help you."
"May I have that specimen?"
*Grishnik backs away slowly*

Don't mind him, he's one of Smylez' weirdos. Just do what I told you.
*Head perks up at the sound of the word 'milk'*
Oh? Should I begin to milk them again?

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