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heres my main one!!!

9 pylon into scout 12 gate 17 expand into 4 gate then add 2 gates then add 3 gates expo till you win but win after expanding

leave your tactics below!
the disorganization T.T that's VERY general.

(this is HotS) PvZs - standard 9 pylon/scout, 13 forge, 15~17 nexus. unless zerg is going for gas and heavy early aggro, take 3rd very fast and secure with a cannon or two along with mother ship core support. once 3 bases saturated-ish, begin adding gas, 3 stargates (more as game goes on), templar tech for archon, and keep getting attack upgrades for air and ground.
Start making air -> first a wave of phoenixes, then oracles, rest voidrays. Secure 4th as archons and voidrays begin to get massive in numbers, tech to and produce carriers. If maxed, attack with zealots to free supply.
When attacking -> focus corruptors with voidrays and archons to protect carriers, micro carriers to the back using their new and improved leash range (or leash AI range, rather). use oracles for detection. replace as much supply as possible with carrier to make uber awesome army.
PvP: Phoenix/Oracle into more Phoenix Expand + Robo (Immortals), followed by Tempest/Immortal/Phoenix, and lategame you add Archons and Carriers.

PvT: 1 Gate Stargate Oracle into Expand followed by chargelot Archon and fast 3rd, and lategame Tempest/Storm/Oracle/Z/Archon against bio, and against mech, open blink/Obs expand followed by Immortal/chargelot/Stalker/High templar + a few Archons, and lategame Tempest/Carrier/Archon/HT/Zealot and a few supporting Immortals on the ground, or balls out air units: Tempest/Carrier/Void-Ray/Archon/HT.

PvZ: FFE into double Stargate Oracle/Void-Ray and fast 3rd with cannons/zealots (with charge), followed by Tempest/Storm/VR/Chargelot/Archon, and lategame, Carrier/Tempest/Zealot/Archon/VR + Storm. Or, 1 gate FE into MS Core + 1 Zealot/1 Stalker pressure Expand, followed by 4 gate/+1 timing attack if Zerg takes a 3rd, or straight colossus tech if Zerg takes a late 3rd or is 2 base all-in on roach/swarm-host/corruptor. If game progress to lategame, Colossus/Tempest/Archon/Blink Stalker/Storm + 1-2 Oracles purely for harass.

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