Best budget intel core gaming rig (Custom)

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Hi so i was just wondering about building my own gaming rig, i do have another thread about that but i think that this thread is kind of a different question, in this thread i would like to know, well first of all the best budget intel core gaming rig , my budget is 400-500 dollars not including windows and a monitor. My next question about this was, Is an intel core i3 good for starcraft 2 and will it be good for other games aswell?
Going to bed now, im tired =/ Please still reply to this thread, oh and about overclocking, to be honest i dont mind if i do or dont overclock, entirely up to what CPU you have chosen. All replies will be read tomorrow so your replies are still needed from me!! =P Will see this thread tomorrow

Thanks, Fraser
For your budget, an i3 is good for starcraft and for other games gpu matters a lot more. For example, with a 7850 and a pentium gpu, you can get 100+fps on battlefield 1080p.
Overclocking doesn't change a whole for performance. You can still do it but with an i3 but with limitations.
Hi thanks for your replies, i read both of your replys and im pretty certain from readying the link Hibachi sent me, i will try and find that AMD FX series one and overclock it, my gpu will probably be a HiS Radeon HD 7770 hoping that will run well!

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